TCI: Thelma Lightbourne Primary School benefits from TCI Sports Commission Donation

#TurksandCaicos, April 21, 2021 – Friday, April 16, was a special day for Thelma Lightbourne primary school as the TCI Sports Commission presented the donated sports equipment to the school. The team led by the Commission’s Director/CEO, Jarrett Forbes, donated a variety of equipment to encourage sports and support the physical education program at the newly constructed school.

In attendance was Hon.  Rachel Tailor, the Minister of Education, Youth, Culture,  Library, and Social Services, who also pledged support in developing the school’s sports facilities.

“You know, I looked at the equipment, and I’m like, what are we going to do with these? We will make things happen. We’ll definitely make sure we prepare our grounds so that our children will be able to utilize the materials made available through the Sports Department,” assured Minister Taylor.

The school principal, Darlene Lightbourne, expressed her gratitude to the team led by Mr. Forbes and assured them the equipment would be used to enhance sports and physical education in the school.

Some of the sporting equipment included baseball, wooden bats, tennis balls, wickets, basketballs, rackets, marking cones, cricket stumps, corner-marking rods, protective gear such as helmets, and more.

With the new sporting gear in place, Thelma Lightbourne primary school students will have enough materials to ensure an all round healthy learning experience.

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