#TurksandCaicos, March 30, 2021 – The Turks and Caicos Islands Government would like to inform the public that times, dates and venues for approved applicants have been allocated to collect Citizen Relief Stimulus cheques. The Ministry of Finance has informed that approved applicants will be given 30 days to collect all printed cheques from the allocated venues.

The Premier and Minister for Finance, Investment and Trade, Hon. Charles Washington Misick commenting on the Citizen Relief Stimulus stated, “I would like to assure the public that applicant will receive an email with an update on the status of their application. Additionally, a list of all approved and cleared to print applicants will be published on the Turks and Caicos Islands Government portal ( along with information of the date, time and venue for collection of Citizen Relief Stimulus cheques. Each applicant will be given 30 days to collect.

Please, I am urging the public not to crowd the collection venues if you do not fit the criteria for stimulus collection at this time. We must allow the elderly population to collect their stimulus cheques safely and swiftly; and we must be mindful and adhere to the COVID-19 protocols and health measures while doing so.

The Ministry of Finance is working to swiftly process and issue all Citizen Relief Stimulus applications and cheques and we need the full cooperation and compliance of the general public.” 

To access your Citizen Relief Stimulus cheque approved applicants must adhere to the following: 

  • Provide a VALID Turks & Caicos Islands Government-issued photo identification (e.g. Driver’s Licence, NIB Card, NHIP card, BOTC passport or a TCI Status Card);  
  • Provide a copy of their application number;  
  • Appear in person at the cheque issuance location. (Cheques will not be assigned to a bank or issued to individuals other than the approved applicant); and  
  • Wear a facial covering 

Kindly note cheques MUST be collected on the same island as indicated in the application. Additionally, uncollected cheques will be canceled one month from date of printing. 

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