TCI: Aiming for 70 percent Vaccinated for Herd Immunity says DG Williams on Natl Vaccination Day

#TurksandCaicos, March 30, 2021 – Friday March 26 was National Vaccination Day in Turks and Caicos and the Deputy Governor dropped in at activities at the mobile clinic where residents were turning out well for Covid-19 vaccines.

Local entertainer, Super P brought the hype and Deputy Govenror, Anya Williams brought the message.

“There is no more need for us to for us to have any more loss of lives if we try to work to arm ourselves with the tools that are necessary to help us to protect ourselves.  Here is the Turks and Caicos, we have already vaccinated over 30 percent of our population, over 13,000 persons have already been vaccinated but for us that’s just not good enough.  Our goal is to get to 70 percent of persons vaccinated here in these islands so that we can have herd immunity,” said HE Anya Williams, Deputy Governor and Co-Chair of the Covid-19 Vaccine Oversight Committee

Prizes supplied by corporate Turks and Caicos, to incentivize taking the PfizerBioNtech Covid-19 vaccine were presented to residents who turned out for their first shot at the Ministry of Health’s Mobile Clinic.  It was parked in down town Providenciales on the day.

“We thank Digicel Turks and Caicos, we thank Graceway IGA, Business Solutions and Flow TCI for the support they are providing to this program.  Last night, we held an Ask the Doctor panel discussion at Beaches Turks and Caicos, and we thank them for their support in that program.  WE hope that (Ask the Doctor) would have answered a lot of the questions that persons had about why they should be vaccinated.” 

Ironically, just across the street physical distancing rules, one of the Covid-19 public health protocols was flouted as residents queued up for their government-issued, Citizen’s Relief stimulus cheques.  The need for the physical distancing rule was made more germane by the comments of residents who told Magnetic Media news they want to see life get back to some semblance of normal.

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