Explosion coming! Curfew announced as take cover measure

#TurksandCaicos, February 9, 2021 – The weekly trend of new Covid-19 cases in the Turks and Caicos Islands points to a frightening likelihood that the number of infections will explode and ahead of what could be a catastrophic shock to public health, the Government is cutting days short with the earliest curfew yet.

“We’re experiencing a distressing increase in the trend of cases being experience in the TCI. 

What has been worrisome this time around is that the number of cases being detected from one day to the next, has surpassed what was seen over the Summer months. 

There is no indication that we have seen the peak, so it is likely that the high numbers will continue,” said Dr. Shandey Malcolm, National Epidemiologist with the Ministry of Health.

The curfew daily curfew is from 6pm to 6am and begins today, February 9.

So far in 2021, the Turks and Caicos recorded its largest single-day leap in new infections; 75 positives were charted on January 26.  And the record-setting positives for the virus continued to be found.

The surge over the past four weeks has been more dangerous, with more deaths and more hospitalisations. 

Week one; there were 84 detections of the coronavirus. 

Week two; surged to 111 positives for COVID.

Week three; a record 183 new patients were added to the chart in an unwelcomed boom.

Week four, climbed again by 34 more positive diagnoses over the previous seven days; the Turks and Caicos charted 217 cases.  

The figure not only broke records but roped-in islands including Middle Caicos and Ambergris Cay which are both experiencing the coronavirus for the first time.

“Nobody, nowhere is safe.  It could be your family, it could be your co-worker, it could be your significant other, it could be your very close friend that affects you,” said Dr. Jeremy Myers, Acting Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health during a national press conference on Monday.

“Covid-19 is with us and best believe that it is surely not showing any indication of going anywhere soon,” Dr. Meyers warned, “We are in a very delicate position that could easily erupt in a catastrophic situation.”

While the country was today also pleased to announce there are 6,433 people who have taken the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine; it was tempered by the fact that 1,695 cases including nine deaths have been recorded for the UK overseas territory of under 40,000 people.

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