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More vaccines land on Wednesday; TCI heading to 40% ‘jabbed’

#TurksandCaicos, February 24, 2021 – A British Airways cargo flight will touch down in TCI late on Wednesday with 23,400 doses of the Pfizer bioNtech vaccine as announced by the governor and as promised by the UK. 

Governor Nigel Dakin told Magnetic Media it will be enough to take TCI from 15 percent of people vaccinated to 40 percent; half of what is needed to achieve herd immunity.  Those who have had their jabs and those who have misgivings about the them, may feel reassured by news that the two leading Covid 19 vaccines are now reported to reduce transmission and hospitalisations. 

The report comes from Israel, which is leading in Covid-vaccinations.  The attention-grabber now and joins other big stories related to the coronavirus including a downward trend in cases for both the UK and the US. 

Around the world, some 201 million people have now been vaccinated for COVID. 

In the TCI, voluntary registration for the vaccine is ongoing.

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