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Auntie Gwen is gone

#TurksandCaicosIslands – January 28, 2019 – Veteran Educator, Community Matriarch and beloved North Caicos resident, Gwendolyn ‘Auntie Gwen’ Williams has passed away in hospital abroad. 

The passing of ‘Auntie Gwen’ has drawn a stream of lovingly expressed ‘sympathies’ over social media. 

Magnetic Media joins the choir of condolences, as Auntie Gwen has always been a warm host, hilarious company and an authentic ambassador for North Caicos.

Mrs Williams possessed an honesty which had the power to set you straight, while calling you higher.  She looked into your eyes and your soul when she spoke; nothing phony there!  And when asked how you were doing by Auntie Gwen, you could tell she really wanted to know and you gave her the truth, not the rehearsed words someone else might receive.

She rubbed shoulders with country leaders of the highest stature and got down to play with the littlest of our people.  Everyone mattered to her, even my little David.

I hold dear your advice Mrs. Williams and feel blessed to have known her and unequivocally I state, Turks and Caicos was enriched to have had her. 

May the family and friends be comforted at this time, we pray.

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