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One day record 289 COVID tests; TCI Health Minister updates the House of Assembly



#GrandTurk, Turks and Caicos Islands – November 5, 2020 — The highest single day of COVID-19 testing in Turks and Caicos was the day before Halloween, October 30 and the results were far from scary; they were quite satisfying for the Ministry of Health. 

“On Friday past, October 30, we completed more than 289 tests on that day; 142 performed in the National Public Health Laboratory and 147 performed in the Private Laboratories. This is our highest single day of testing to date.  From this testing day, we identified 2 new cases of COVID-19,” said Minister Edwin Astwood during his ministerial statement in the House of Assembly on November 3.


Turks and Caicos has continued to experience declines in new cases of the coronavirus.  The decrease follows a string of restrictions including curfews, limited numbers on social gatherings at hang outs and restaurants and a TCI Police-enforced ticketing system.

The Minister of Health believes the low number of positives from community testing supports a low prevalence of COVID-19 within Turks and Caicos; and he believes behavioral changes of residents have been key to keeping new cases down.

“As I mentioned on Thursday Press Conference, Mr. Speaker, we are seeing a decline in the rate of growth in COVID-19 cases, which is a positive early sign. It is proof that collectively, by making simple changes to our everyday lives, we can reduce transmission, bend, and flatten the curve. It is another reminder of our collective power. But, unfortunately, this is not a cause for relaxation,” said the minister on Tuesday.

Restrictions have been eased and include a later curfew; now at 12 a.m. ending at 5 a.m.  Other relaxed restrictions were announced in a press conference last Thursday.  Minister Astwood repeated them during his House of Assembly presentation: “Restrictions on businesses: From yesterday, the 2nd November, 2020, to 5:00 a.m. on 16th November 2020; All businesses shall suspend operations to the general public at 11:00 p.m.; and funeral services and burial grounds from 2nd November 2020, to 5:00 a.m. on 16th November 2020, a maximum number of forty persons may be permitted to attend a funeral service, provided that such funeral services shall be held outdoors. Wedding Ceremonies: from 2nd November 2020, to 5:00 a.m. on 16th November 2020, a maximum number of forty persons may be permitted to attend a wedding ceremony, indoor or outdoor. Restrictions on domestic travel: From 2nd November 2020, to 5:00 am on the 16th November, 2020, there will be NO RESTRICTIONS on Domestic Travel.”

The opening of domestic travel on November 2 marked the first time since March residents and guests have been able to freely travel between the islands of the TCI.

The Minister reminded residents to continue practicing the healthy protocols which have worked to stem the spread of the virus, which has killed at least six Turks and Caicos residents.  It was made clear that personal behavior and the positive case rate will continue to govern whether or not restrictions continue to be rolled back or if they are tightened for the sake of public health.


“Mr. Speaker, I want to be clear: that the Government is very concerned about any addition to the COVID numbers, and would continue with the phased opening of the country. I want to reassure all that your Government is looking seriously at the spread, and determining, what our next steps should be. I know that – after more than half a year, we are all tired of COVID-19 and the restrictions. But, Mr. Speaker, COVID-19 is not tired of us, so we must remain vigilant Mr. Speaker.”

During a press conference today, November 5, the Ministry of Health confirmed there are currently seven active cases of COVID-19 in Turks and Caicos; six of which are in Providenciales and one new case in North Caicos which was identified through community testing. Ninety-eight percent of the 705 cases are listed as recovered.

There are no COVID-19 hospitalisations in Turks and Caicos.

TCI News

Crime challenges are “not Insurmountable” says New Police Commissioner Dana Malcolm



Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer 

”At this moment I can feel the enormity of responsibility bestowed on me and the weight of accountability and expectations of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF) as well as members of the wider community.”

That was the acknowledgment from Edvin Martin, new Commissioner of Police as he was sworn into his role as head of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF) on Monday, April 22. 

“I also feel an unprecedented opportunity and a distinguished privilege to serve by leading the Police Force into an era of modern policing,” he maintained. 

A well-trained force that is averse to corruption and maintains the trust of the people is what Martin promised in the address that spoke to the Police, the residents and the criminals. 

Not only does the Commissioner say he understands the gravity of his role and the lofty expectations to reverse high crime which he described as a ‘tremendous mandate’, he maintains he has a good grasp of the issues plaguing the country. 

To the residents, Martin called on them and all stakeholders to form an anti-crime coalition with an all-hands-on-deck approach. 

“There should be no bystanders in addressing the carnage in our communities,” he said. 

Even as Martin listed the threats of immigration, terrorism, cybercrime, transnational organized criminal activity, and the associated gang violence, illegal firearms and drug trading, he assured: 

”I urge you listening to me today, do not despair, for while these threats may be challenging, they are not insurmountable.”

The process for tackling them will need a tightened-up RTCIPF, according to the commissioner, one that is focused, well trained and adequately resourced. 

For Martin this means the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF) must retool, restructure and reengineer its responses.

In this vein the top cop spoke directly to officers during his address, maintaining that the public deserves an accountable Police Force.

“As a service organization there will be allegations that cause the public to question our integrity; we must seek out and purge the organization of any semblance of bias, corruption and malfeasance,” he said. 

Martin maintained the top brass now has a mandate to work to ensure fairness in work and promotions.

“Anything less than this will be an injustice— we must do everything possible to inspire confidence in our force and improve our legitimacy as gatekeepers of law and order,” said the new Commissioner. 

As part of the crime fighting plan several immediate actions are to be taken:

  • The immediate and aggressive addressing of the spate violent crimes 
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to address safety challenges in the tourism industry
  • Redefining the Police Force image to become the pride of the TCI
  • Greater technological innovation
  • Restructure the force to better align with contemporaries 
  • Frequent Town Hall meetings
  • Increased safety at police stations. 

Martin had words for the mayhem causers and their ‘glaring disregard for human life and safety’ too. 

”Under my watch I can assure you that the RTCIPF will not sit idly by and observe this unrelenting rampage and havoc. Today I call on you to put down your weapons of destruction and change your criminal ways,” he said. 

Martin, who recently retired as Grenadian PC is credited with being lead of his home force for five years, serving a total 37 years before bowing out and moving on to head the CARICOM Crime Gun Intelligence Unit. 

Only months into that CARICOM job, Edvin Martin was approved and announced as police commissioner designate for the Turks and Caicos Islands, succeeding Trevor Botting. 

“My first order of business ladies and gentlemen, this morning, is to give a special thanks to God, as He directs my path in every single thing that I do. I am grateful for His blessings and His guidance,” started Mr Martin when delivering his inaugural remarks at the outdoor ceremony. 

The acknowledgment of God was a distinctive moment that many are hoping will auger well for the mission of newly installed policing leader for the TCI. Soon after his bold remarks, Martin, with his wife looking on from the audience took the oath of office and oath of allegiance in a live streamed event. 

Also giving remarks at the swearing-in ceremony staged at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex were Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam, TCI Governor and Washington Misick, TCI Premier.

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Sonia Fulford unveiled as Flow Brand Ambassador



PROVIDENCIALES, TURKS AND CAICOS, APRIL 24th, 2024 – Flow Turks and Caicos, leading telecommunications provider, is excited to announce its latest endorsement of daughter of the soil and TCI’s most formidable local and international female sports administration icon, Sonia Fulford. She also serves as President of TCI Football Association (TCIFA), Female Member of the Concacaf Council, and Member on the FIFA Council, within the highest ranks of football governing worldwide.

FLOW TCI Country Manager, Joanne Missick shared: “Sonia’s journey continues to inspire women such as myself leading in male dominated industries, and she continues to make our country proud both on and off the global stage. It is with great pleasure that we welcome her to the Fibre Federation, as our brand ambassador, and we look forward to the many positive outcomes this partnership will reap for our brand and for Flow customers around the Turks and Caicos in the very near future.”

Sonia, a native of the Nation’s Capital of Grand Turk embarked on her career as a multi-sport athlete for TCI, which included a long tenure as Captain of the TCI National Women’s Football Team. After a successful 14-year career in the legal field, she made a significant career shift, joining the TCIFA as General Secretary in 2006 – a decision that would lead to her becoming a sports administration icon and global ambassador for football, championing the cause of girls and women around the globe, in addition to, women in sports.

During her tenure within the FA, Sonia, a decorated leader with a plethora of local and international accolades, ascended the ranks to become the President of the FA. However, the most noteworthy appointment of her career to date, was reached in May 2013, when she etched her name into the history books as one of the first Female Member representatives to be elected to the prestigious FIFA Council, a testament of her unwavering dedication and leadership.

“I am thrilled to be aligning my brand with a company that has been an integral part of the Turks and Caicos Islands for more than 125 years. Flow/C&W TCI’s mission to empower and provide opportunities to young people in the local community and region through education and sports resonates deeply with my personal mission. Therefore, I am happy to announce today that I will be joining the Fibre Federation, Flow Turks and Caicos”, declares Sonia Fulford, Flow TCI’s newest brand ambassador and TCIFA President.

Follow Flow TCI on Facebook & Instagram for the last updates on this partnership and for more exciting announcements.

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Following Court ruling, US Embassy Doubles Down on Warning: DO NOT TRAVEL TO TCI WITH GUNS, AMMO



By Deandrea Hamilton


Dozens of news reports are all over TV and the internet, scarring the Turks and Caicos’ reputation yet again. This time linked to what Americans view as the preposterous law, which would, without chance for legal argument, throw a tourist into prison for 12 years.  It is a mandatory conviction law on the books for possession of unlicensed guns or ammunition, and which just heard from the Court of Appeal that there ought to be no exceptions, whether it is one bullet or one gun, whether it is a tourist or a woman.

But what policymakers in various submissions in the House of Assembly back in October thought would return a win or opportunity for leniency to be injected as part of a legal defense has backfired.  Now, unequivocally, the high court has ruled that the law gives no leeway.  Anyone found with an unlicensed gun or ammunition must face what the law says is the penalty: not a fine, no reduced prison time, no exoneration, but 12 years mandatory in His Majesty’s Prison.

Now the US Embassy is doubling down on its message to travelers to the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Do not travel with your legal gun and ammunition from the US to the islands. Do not, because in the islands, your right to carry arms is not automatic, and if you are caught, you will face severe punishment, and there is nothing the US government can do about it.  There are several tourists charged and awaiting a ruling in their cases.  There is also a Grand Turk businesswoman who was arrested for a single bullet in her luggage.  While all of these matters are shocking and drawing public calls for leniency, as far as the law goes, everyone charged under it is headed to prison for 12 years.

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