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Beaches Resort Turks & Caicos says ‘incompetence’ and ‘ineffectiveness’ prolonging closure



#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – October 15, 2020 — Although vacation bookings for the October 14 opening of Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos were not through the roof, executives today explained it was not expected that they would be and the slow crawl of tourism amidst the coronavirus pandemic is absolutely not the reason the 700+ room resort has delayed its restart. 

Magnetic Media was aiming to ascertain if there could be alternative causes for the announcement of a delay just five days before the luxury family all-inclusive was expected to open its double gates to guests.


Our probing, however, only unearthed more of the same; Beaches will not re-open to tourism until a four-year-old tax dispute is addressed.

“Breaches of our Development Agreement(s) and other legally binding commitments have yet to be resolved for nearly 4 years, despite tireless efforts by Beaches.  The Board of Directors has therefore mandated that the re-opening of Beaches be postponed,” said BTC in a statement on Friday, October 9.

Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, Chairman of Sandals Resorts International which owns Beaches, has a high level executive team in country, hoping to end the stalemate.  Progress is however, slow going and this legal limbo is characterised as the worse experience Beaches Resort has ever encountered.

“Our team and the citizens of the TCIG deserve so much better from an elected government. Unfortunately, we must admit that this is the most ineffective Government we have ever had to deal with when compared to the other jurisdictions in which we operate. Our Development Agreement(s) and other legally binding written commitments have been disregarded and trampled on.”

Many residents are dumb-struck by the allegations.  Could government really be this irresponsible about untangling a fiscal mess with such a prominent investor and mammoth partner in tourism?

Beaches Craft Market day; Photo by Magnetic Media in February 2020

Five days later and no assurances are coming from the Ministry of Finance, which is led by Sharlene Robinson, the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

It is a wait and see as the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) has, since the disappointing announcement, been mute; having stated previously it prefers not to engage in a public row with the resort which employs 2,000 people; the largest employee complement in the private sector. 

Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos however, is less given to silence and is not playing coy; a new press statement issued today to Magnetic Media called the Government Administration incompetent.

“Beaches is told that the TCIG has been “working hard” to resolve the matter. If that is the case, then 4 years later it certainly appears to us that it is incompetence.”

This fiscal fiasco cannot be blamed on COVID-19.  The ongoing dispute does however deepen the already severely depressed Turks and Caicos economy. Turks and Caicos tourism, as a result of the unrelenting ravages of the pandemic on the travel industry, is forecast to fall by over 50 percent and that could worsen.

Hon Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, Chairman, Sandals Resorts International

“Beaches empathises with the hardship being experienced by so many.  Commercial activity has been at a standstill since March of this year.  Time is of the essence for the TCIG to bring economic activity back to life to ensure the wellbeing and health of the citizens of the TCI who have suffered for far too long.  This continued inaction by the TCIG is so grave that Beaches would be irresponsible if we were to remain silent.”

Chairman Stewart, Magnetic Media is informed, was prepared to reopen Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos with the irregularly low bookings.  The expectation brought hundreds of staffers back to work at the start of the month in preparation for the first guests.  Team members we spoke to were happy, optimistic for the first time in a long time and they were not alone. 

Beaches Resort’s expansiveness brings buoyancy to the entire island of Providenciales and beyond – taxi drivers, retailers, grocers, craft market vendors other hotels, sister islands and the airlines are all happier when Beaches is open.

“As the anchor resort in the TCI, we can assure our incredible and dedicated team members together with the taxi association and the wider community that we remain committed to the Turks and Caicos Islands.  We continue to extend our hand in having this matter resolved fairly.”

Beaches responded to Magnetic Media with the explanation that the company is not trying to bully the government and regrets that it did not keep its promise to open on Wednesday.

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic crashed the travel and tourism industry; tourism was projected to surge beyond the 600,000 long stay visitor mark for Turks and Caicos. Photo by Magnetic Media in February 2020

“Beaches Resorts like so many others, looked forward to re-opening its doors on October 14, 2020. Sadly this did not take place despite every effort, humanly possible by our team to have these long outstanding matters resolved with the TCIG.  Beaches has been extremely clear for nearly 4 years, that it owes no taxes whatsoever. As such, there is no favour or forgiveness being sought from the TCIG.”

Beaches adds, they believe the matter related to the dispute about unpaid or over paid taxes could be resolved in a matter of days. 

Beaches Resort Villages & Spa in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos has given its new reopening date as November 18.

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Wilkie Arthur
Freelance Court Correspondence

He pleaded guilty before his Lordship, The Hon. Mr Justice Davidson Kevin Baptiste in the Grand Turk Supreme Court last week to one count of illegally possessing two rounds of ammunition at the Grand Turk Cruise port in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).

At the conclusion of the hearing, last week TUESDAY May 21st, the learned judge indicated his sentencing will be within seven days.

Magnetic Media received notice and was able to confirm that Tyler’s sentencing will be handed down on Tuesday 28th, 2024.

The 31-year-old paramedic and young father from Virginia was not able to join the other Americans arrested, charged, and on bail in Providenciales as a part of his bail conditions was that he had to remain on the island of Grand Turk (the place of his offense) until the conclusion of his case.

Magnetic Media will continue to follow the outcome in this and all remaining matters concerning the Americans arrested and on bail in the Turks and Caicos Islands for breach of the Firearms Ordinance.

Tyler Scott Wenrich was arrested last month, charged on April 23rd and his first court appearance was a day later on April 24.

His human rights Attorney Ms Sheena Mair did apply for expedited proceedings for her client, hence the reason he is due to be sentenced on Tuesday at 10 a.m.

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Turks & Caicos Premier salutes Sandals for country’s economic growth  



~SCU and TCICC using industry knowledge to train and develop ~


Montego Bay, Jamaica – Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Hon. Charles Washington Misick, has saluted Sandals and Beaches Resorts for the major economic impact they have had on the islands, alluding to the significant growth in the Gross Domestic Product since the opening of the Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa (BTC) in 1997. He spoke to the major investment the luxury all-inclusive chain provided through the work of former chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart, and the continued support by now Executive Chairman, Adam Stewart.

In his keynote address at a recent ceremony for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Sandals Corporate University (SCU) and the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College (TCICC), Honourable Misick shared, “I used to meet Butch in Miami at Coconut Grove where we had many conversations about him potentially acquiring the hotel for the chain. He did so the following year, 1997. Fast forward to today, BTC has become a staple and one of the reasons why we’ve been able to do so much in these islands.”

Additionally, he lauded the continued work of the brand to empower the labor force, under the leadership of SRI’s Executive Chairman, Adam Stewart. He explained, “the partnership between SCU and TCICC was conceived with the vision of strengthening the local workforce. In under four months, we’ve made remarkable progress. By elevating educational standards and creating job opportunities, we’re not just enhancing the Human Development Index (HDI) for the Turks and Caicos Islands, we’re building a more efficient economy. The focus is on improving education, improving quality of life, but also, as a small country, we would like to be able to expose our young people to what is happening in the other corners of the Caribbean, and the world.”

The MoU signing is the second of its kind for the SCU in the region, following a recent agreement with the UWI Global Campus. Held at the Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the ceremony was also attended by Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, the Hon. Rachel Taylor, Minister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage, Maritime, Gaming and Disaster Management, the Hon. Josephine Connolly, Executive Chairman of Sandals Resorts International, Adam Stewart, President/CEO of TCICC, Dr. Candice Williams along with other dignitaries and leaders from both SCU and TCICC.

Hon. Taylor praised the partnership, adding that it represents, “a visionary initiative aimed at harnessing our collective strengths to bolster a sector that is vital to our economy. As we formalise this agreement, we are planting seeds for a future that holds unparalleled opportunities for our students, educators, and the hospitality industry at large.”

In his remarks, Adam Stewart affirmed the significant role of the SCU in the region, encouraging team members to embrace it as a catalyst for personal growth and self-improvement. He also commended the partnership with SCU and TCICC, noting SCU’s commitment to providing internships annually is just a fraction of the exciting opportunities available through this collaboration. He shared, “people are at the centre of what we do.  The best thing you could do for the people of the Caribbean, is to provide opportunities for education. The quintessential saying of ‘teach an individual to fish as opposed to giving them a fish’, provides them with careers, exposure and builds their confidence to be able to be the best version of themselves. In turn, they can achieve their own independent economic goals and dreams.  So what we’re doing is just one more commitment to the Turks and Caicos Islands, to the people of the Caribbean, to say everything that we’ve learned we’re sharing with you. We are fully committed at Sandals Resorts International and will remain an absolute investor in this country.”

In her address on behalf of TCICC, Dr. Candice Williams noted, “as we embark on this partnership with the SCU, we recognise its transformative potential for our students and our country. Through collaboration, innovation, and shared expertise, we will enhance the quality of education and training and create pathways for our students to excel in their careers and become leaders in the industry.”

The SCU will also work with the TCICC to identify subject matter experts from Sandals and Beaches Resorts to give guest lectures, provide input into the curriculum being developed for the TCICC’s hospitality and tourism management programmes and provide opportunities to promote enrolment of Sandals and Beaches team members in relevant programmes offered at the TCICC.

Additionally, the SCU will endeavour to facilitate the placement of up to 100 interns from TCICC within Sandals and Beaches Resorts per year for work experience and a formal Internship programme for students at various levels. Lastly, the SCU will, where possible, provide the opportunity for TCICC students international certifications through their partnerships with accrediting bodies in all aspects of hospitality management and technical related areas.


Photo Captions

Header – (From left, back row) Mr. James McAnally, managing director, Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, Dr. Deloris Stapleton-Harris, vice president – academic, vocational and student affairs, TCICC, Mr. Shawn DaCosta, chief operations officer, SRI, Dr. Luz Longsworth, senior corporate director, SCU, the Hon. Rachel Taylor, minister of education, youth, sports and culture, the Hon. Jamel Robinson, deputy premier, TCI, the Hon. Josephine Connolly, minister of tourism, environment, heritage, maritime, gaming and disaster management, Dr. Candice Williams, president/CEO, TCICC, Mrs. Cherylann Jones, permanent secretary, TCI, Dr. Barbara Ambrister, chair, board of governors, TCICC, (front left) Mr. Adam Stewart, executive chairman, SRI, HE. Dileena Daniel-Selvaratnam, governor, TCI, the Hon. Charles Misick, premier, TCI, all share smiles ahead the signing of a MoU between the Sandals Corporate University and the Turks and Caicos Community College.

Insert – Captured after the signing the Memorandum of Understanding are the Hon. Charles Misick, premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands alongside Mr. Adam Stewart, executive chairman of Sandals Resorts International. This two-year agreement will assist the TCICC in strengthening its Hospitality and Tourism Programme to build local capacity and develop leadership in the industry from within the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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Provo Water Company Issues an Update on Water Distribution Challenges



PROVIDENCIALES, TCI. MAY 22, 2024: Provo Water Company (PWC) announced today that, due to persistent demands, water restrictions will continue through June 2024 as the organization continues its commitment to improving the water distribution network through various projects addressing current distribution challenges.

The water restrictions, which have been in place on an as-needed basis, will continue in the following areas: West of Suzie Turn: Including The Bight (between Beaches Resort and Turtle Cove), Cooper Jack, Industrial Park, Thompson Cove, Cherokee Road, Blue Mountain, Downtown, Airport Road, Kewtown, Blue Hills, Five Cays, South Dock, and Chalk Sound will encounter low to no water pressure during nightly restrictions from 11:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Venetian Road and Turtle Tail: Will undergo a 50% water restriction from 9:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m., potentially leading to reduced water pressure for customers.

In response to the ongoing high water demands, PWC Managing Director Robert Hall reaffirmed his team’s unwavering commitment to mitigating these challenges.

He said, “Water demands on Providenciales are still high, and as we continue to make progress on our improvement projects to address these short-term distribution challenges, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding while we work expeditiously to resolve these issues.”

PWC is currently working on three key projects to improve water distribution across Providenciales. The primary focus is on the New City Water Transmission Main Project, which includes the installation of larger-diameter pipes along a new route. This initiative aims to significantly boost water flow and establish an alternative distribution route through which to distribute water.

Another project currently underway involves replacing older valves in the water distribution network with newer, larger-diameter valves. This upgrade will enhance water flow, resulting in improved distribution along the existing network pipes. The third project focuses on enhancing the current booster equipment responsible for augmenting water flow within the distribution network.

These enhancements will bolster the booster’s capacity to leverage the upgraded pipe diameters and replaced valves more efficiently.

Speaking on the projects and their progress, Hall said, “These projects have always been a part of our plan to accommodate the growth of the country. Unfortunately, unforeseen setbacks due primarily to the long-term effects of the pandemic and its impact on the world economy and supply chains, among other factors, have taken their toll on our project timelines. Our team is committed to resolving these issues as quickly as possible, but we are taking every measure to ensure that we do so in a way that allows us to continue providing incredible service and value to our customers.”

In addition to the improvement projects, PWC is also in the process of building a new water plant on the northwest side of the island. This new plant will introduce a new distribution point closer to the areas currently experiencing water restrictions and provide a host of benefits to water distribution for the whole island. Hall emphasizes the significance of water conservation as a crucial measure in addressing water shortages.

Simple actions like repairing leaks, utilizing water-efficient fixtures, and practicing mindful water usage can greatly contribute to preserving precious water resources and reducing monthly bills.

For more information on Provo Water Company and its water efficiency and conservation initiatives, visit its website,, and social media pages at @ProvoWaterCompany for tips and announcements, or contact our customer service team at

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