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COVID-19 Survivors make up 94% of closed cases

March 3, 2020 — Thankfully, 94 percent of people who had been diagnosed with Coronavirus have recovered and that is heartening news given the reports on reactions across the globe have helped to fuel widespread panic and gripping fear.

The novelty of this virus and the fact that it has no known cure makes it frightening – toss in the spooky but unsubstantiated reports that it is derived from vampire bats and it is a certain recipe for sparking terror in hearts, far and wide.


It is true that COVID-19 is a killer with a global death toll of over 3,160 people.  Still, that alarming number of human beings who have lost their lives is merely six percent of Coronavirus closed cases.

So far, there have been 51,637 cases which are categorised as ‘closed’ and the majority of those who had contracted COVID-19, have managed to beat the virus.

At the time of this report, dreaded COVID-19 has been confirmed in 92,872 people from eighty countries; fifteen of those countries have had individuals die from the disease which first appeared in December 2019.

SOURCE: WorldOMeter

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