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Airline Industry fears bankruptcy in two months; countries summoned to find a rebound plan



#World – March 16, 2020 — In two months, airline companies will be bankrupt as cash flows are drying up and the industry is calling on global governments to coordinate in order to avoid a collapse.

“Forward bookings are far outweighed by cancellations and each time there is a new government recommendation it is to discourage flying. Demand is drying up in ways that are completely unprecedented. Normality is not yet on the horizon.”

The position was, mere hours ago, shared within a media release from the Center for Aviation, CAPA and is another casualty of fears linked to COVID-19.

“…while governments are grappling with the health challenges of coronavirus, it is clear that there is little instinct to act cooperatively. Messages are mixed and frequently quite different.


Each nation is adopting the solution that appears best suited to it, right or wrong, without consideration of its neighbours or trading partners.”

Last week, International Air Transport Association, IATA forecast an economic free fall of $113 billion; now it appears the entire industry is at risk due to the unprecedented actions which governments are taking in the effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which emerged in December 2019.

Worldwide, over 181,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19, and while more than 78,300 people have recovered; the death toll in three months is significant at slightly above 7,100 people.

Today, France, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago closed their borders to visitors. 

Airport in Trinidad and Tobago

CAPA said, in most cases, these decisions are being made unilaterally with no consultation.

“Each nation is adopting the solution that appears best suited to it, right or wrong, without consideration of its neighbours or trading partners.  When, for example President Trump peremptorily announced the effective cancellation of airline access to most Europeans, he didn’t even advise his European government counterparts in advance, let alone consult with them. Other governments have performed little better.”

CAPA, in its analysis pointed out that the industry accounts for 20 percent new jobs worldwide and worries that a rebound will be skewed and possibly, detrimental to lesser known airline companies.

 “The alternative does not bear thinking about. An unstructured and nationalistic outcome will not be survival of the fittest.  It will mostly consist of airlines that are the biggest and the best-supported by their governments. The system will reek of nationalism.  And it will not serve the needs of the 21st century world.

Flights are being cut, planes grounded and staff laid off; among those reporting on the negative effects of the travel restrictions being imposed in response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus are American Airlines, which has cut flights by 75 percent and Delta Airlines, which has dropped 40 percent of its commutes.

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Mother’s Day has meaning Across the World, in the Region and right at here at Home



May 11, 2024 – Mother’s Day has a rich history that dates back to ancient times when Greeks and Romans held festivals to honor mother goddesses. However, the modern Mother’s Day as we know it originated in the early 20th century.

The official Mother’s Day holiday in the United States was first proposed by Anna Jarvis in 1905, as a way to honor her own mother who had passed away.

Her efforts led to the first Mother’s Day celebration in 1908, organized by her at a church in West Virginia. The holiday gained popularity quickly, and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day, a national holiday to honor mothers.

Since then, Mother’s Day has become a widely celebrated occasion around the world, with people expressing their love and appreciation for their mothers and mother figures through gifts, cards, and special gestures.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in various countries around the world, although the dates and traditions may differ. Among the many marking the celebration of mothers is the United States, Nigeria and United Kingdom (which had Mother’s Day in March), Canada, Australia, India, Mexico (marked Friday May 10), Brazil, Japan, South Africa and France (later this month May 26).  These are just a few examples, as Mother’s Day is observed in many other countries as well, each with its own customs and traditions for honoring mothers and motherhood.

In the Caribbean, Mother’s Day is also marked with vim and vigor and reverence.

When you talk about island nations like Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Turks and Caicos Islands and The Bahamas, among others, all observe Mother’s Day with celebrations that often include special church services, family gatherings, and the giving of gifts and cards to honor mothers and mother figures.

Traditional foods and music may also be part of the festivities staged in the neighbourhood or huge family groups will flock to their favourite dining spots for brunch.

It is not unusual to see Mother’s Day concerts, national awards ceremonies and luncheons making it a striking and joyous occasion for families eager to show appreciation for the important women in their lives.

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Caribbean News

Saudi Arabia E-Visa Access Broadened – Caribbean



Rashaed Esson

Staff Writer

Citizens from Barbados, The Bahamas and Grenada have been granted access to Saudi Arabia’s electronic visa, now being able to apply for their visas online or acquire them upon arrival at Saudi Arabia entry points, according to reports. So far, there are only 66 countries with access to the E-Visa.


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Astrazeneca to withdraw vaccines – Health Side Effects



Rashaed Esson

Staff Writer 

Astrazeneca says it is withdrawing its vaccines from the market worldwide, effective as of May 7 as it was reported to cause side effects such as blood clots and low blood platelet counts. This was first reported by the Telegraph. The Withdrawal they say is also due to the availability of other updated vaccines.


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