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TCI Gov’t Statement on Carnival Magic Cruise ship


At 9am today the Carnival Magic cruise ship called at the Grand Turk cruise port. As per the protocols already in place, the ship was met, but not boarded, by officials from the Environmental Health Department (EHD), it was immediately issued an official notice of refusal for docking by the EHD, and no passengers or crew were allowed to disembark.

This refusal was as a result of the mandatory Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH) document, issued by the ship to health officials in TCI, which showed cases of influenza-like symptoms on board. Senior government leadership, including the Minister of Health, was then made aware of the refusal.

As per their MDH, Carnival Magic also notified officials that they were requesting further medical care for two passengers in the form of a medivac. Ministry of Health officials reviewed this request, taking into consideration the risk to the public health of Grand Turk residents and the wider TCI and the declaration from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicating that the global risk posed by COVID-19 Coronavirus is very high, this request was also refused.

Passengers were removed subsequently off the ship and placed on an aircraft. This matter is now under investigation by all relevant government agencies and the public will be updated as soon as full details of this matter becomes cleared.

The Ministry of Health takes the health and safety of all its residents in the highest regard. 

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