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UK hopes to ban sale of fuel-powered vehicles in 15 years, says Prime Minister

#UnitedKingdom, February 19, 2020 — To achieve its carbon emissions goal, the United Kingdom says it must accelerated, by five years, its plan to ban the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson at the start of the month announced the new target date; changed from 2040 to 2035, if possible.

“The evidence is now overwhelming, and it is taking its toll.  This phenomenon of global warming is taking its toll on the most vulnerable around the planet, which is why the UK is now committed to 11.6 billion in tackling global climate change and financial climate initiatives,” said Prime Minister Johnson.

At the UN Climate Change Conference held in the UK, the Prime Minister remarked that turn out at the event signaled that it is evident “everyone” believes action must be taken now.

Prime Minister Johnson offered: “We must reverse the appalling loss of habitats and species.  It is only by repairing the damage to the natural world, and restoring the balance between humanity and nature – which is now so grotesquely out of kilter – that we can address the problems of climate change.”


The UK wants to get to net zero CO2 emissions but is, at this time, proposing to ban the sale of vehicles which require fossil fuels in the next 15-yeras.  Conventional cars will still be permitted until 2050.

The plan to accelerate the date for the ban on fuel powered vehicles was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on February 4, 2020 and is subject to consultations.

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