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Bahamas quarantines nine people recently travelled to China; Health Minister says it is precautionary

Dr. Duane Sands - Bahamas Minister of Health - FILE

#Nassau,The Bahamas – February 4 2020 —  The Bahamas Government has quarantined nine individuals in two of the islands and has explained none of the people are exhibiting signs of the novel Coronavirus, which has now killed and infected more people than SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Bahamas Government Coronavirus Health Notice

“All of these people, to get to The Bahamas, would have come through the UK, Canada, Cuba and the United States and so they would have been screened along every step of the way. None of these persons are ill, none of them have a fever; none of them have any respiratory symptoms or any evidence of any illness,” said Dr. Duane Sands, Bahamas Health Minister on Monday.

The nine people, who are confirmed as quarantined on the islands of New Providence (home to Nassau) and Grand Bahama (home to Freeport) have all been to mainland China within the last 20-days. 

A stipulation of the precautionary protocols which, The Bahamas last week announced in an effort to keep the country free of the deadly, highly infectious coronavirus.   

The death toll for novel Coronavirus – up to 1 p.m. February 4, 2020 – has soared to 427 people, with over 20,500 infected worldwide.

“The entire world is paying attention to this; the entire world. Everybody is on alert; every single country and The Bahamas is no different,” said Minister Dr. Sands during a ZNS Bahamas TV News report.

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