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University of the Ozarks guest lectures at BAMSI

#TheBahamas – January 14, 2019 — The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute is committed to nation building through the development of relevant educational and training programs and initiatives. In this regard, we are pleased to have sharing with us the following members from the University of the Ozarks in Clarkesville, Arkansas:

·       Professor Sean Coleman: Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Professor of Biology

·       Dr. Warren Sconiers, Entomologist and Assistant Professor of Biology

·       Dr. Yassine Deguidigue, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology and Environmental Studies

·       Dr. Allison Freed, Assistant Professor of Education/Science Education and Director of Teacher Education Program

As a result of the partnership between BAMSI and the University of the Ozarks, these scholars will be conducting various workshops at BAMSI and within the North and Central Andros communities from January 8th to the 17th 2020.

Lectures will be transmitted LIVE on the following days and time, feel free to invite others to log on and participate. Log onto SKYPE and enter BAMSI BAHAMAS or use phone 1-242-376-6905.  Alternatively, check us out on Facebook Live at BAMSI Bahamas.

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