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Visual Art Comes Alive at Body Painting/Photography Workshop

Body painting & photography by Monty Knowles.

#Nassau, October 8, 2019 – Bahamas – The Creative Center Bahamas is bringing art to live for the Bahamian art community. Literally.

Sponsored by Bahamian Project founder and creative director Duke Wells, alongside world renowned body paint artist/photographer Monty Knowles, the Creative Center Bahamas is offering an intensive, hands-workshop unlike anything ever offered in the Bahamas.

“People are fascinated by Monty Knowles’ art,” Mr. Wells said. “He will post a photograph of one of his painted ‘nymphes’ on social media and receive hundreds of Likes and positive comments. Now, here’s a chance to watch, learn, and participate in body painting and also learn the art of lighting and photographing the figure. It’s really a fabulous opportunity.”

Body painting & photography by Monty Knowles.

For one day only, from Noon-6:00pm on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the Creative Center Bahamas in Chippingham, photographers and visual artists across all artistic backgrounds can learn the aesthetics and techniques of painting and photographing the human form, and experience these lessons firsthand under the guidance of elite professionals, and with the help of live models. Lunch and light refreshments will also be provided.

Mr. Wells, a portrait and fine art photographer, conceived the idea for this unique event while admiring the work of Mr. Knowles, a true master of his craft. The event is open to all levels of experience and will introduce attendees to the world of body paint photography.

In addition to watching and participating in the painting of the models with Mr. Knowles, attendees will learn how light can be used to sculpt the human form. Wells and Knowles will show attendees how to pose the models and demonstrate various key lighting setups.

Mr. Wells encourages artists and photographers to attend this event, with the opportunity to witness live, visual art in its purest form, as Mr. Knowles uses the human body as a canvas and creates masterpieces right in front of your eyes (and, in this case, your camera lens).

“Monty has been doing this for some time now and he has really fine-tuned both the way he paints the subjects and the manner in which he photographs them,” Mr. Wells said. “Over the years, I have seen his art evolve from a clever idea to a fully developed art form. And he is still taking it further!”

Proceeds from this event will assist the Creative Center in expanding their community-outreach initiative by providing additional resources and services for the Bahamian arts community.

People interested in attending this event can sign up at

Release: CocoLupe Creative Services

Photo Caption: Monty Knowles with painted models

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