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TCI: Progress on summer Capital Works at Public Schools

#Providenciales, October 4, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The Ministry of Education, Youth, Culture, Social and Library Services wishes to inform the public about the work undertaken to have schools ready for the 2019/20 school year.

The table below summarizes the progress of the summer maintenance works carried out at each school:

SchoolProgress to date
Doris Robinson Primary School100% of the proposed work completed

Adelaide Oemler Primary School100% of the proposed work completed

C Hubert James Primary School80% of the proposed work completed. Minor work to be completed including ACs and window installation

Raymond Gardiner High School80% of the summer work completed in time for the reopening of school.

H J Robinson High School100% of the summer works completed.  Capital projects are ongoing. Expected to be completed by December 2019

Eliza Simons Primary School100% of the summer works completed

Ona Glinton Primary School100% of the summer work completed

Long Bay High School100% of the summer work completed

Enid Capron Primary School100% of the summer work completed


While major summer works were completed in time for the reopening of school on 2nd September 2019, capital works continues at Clement Howell High School, Iris Stubbs Primary School, Marjorie Basden High and the H J Robinson High School.  As per Planning requirements and considerations for health and safety of students, the works are being undertaken so that there is minimum impact or disruption to schools.  The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Infrastructure are pleased to inform you of the progress of the work to date:

H J Robinson High School: School Infrastructure Project Phase 1 – Renovations and Upgrade to CVQ Block at HJ Robinson High School – All doors have been replaced. Stairs to the Science block has been demolished, rebuilt and painted. Structural repairs to the Visual Arts block has been completed. Ceiling has been replaced and painted. All A/C units have been replaced in the staffroom. The project is at 31% completion and will be completed by December 2019.

Marjorie Basden High School: School Infrastructure Recovery Project – Repairs to cracks on gable end walls and columns for classroom blocks A & B completed. New windows installed to classroom blocks A & B. Roof decking replaced with peal and seal to block A. New floor tiles installed to toilet block with new toilets and face basin. New roof sheeting installed to toilet block and walls painted. Steel reinforcement and form work being finalized for pouring of concrete to suspended floor for the new two-storey classroom block. Overall completion is at 28%. Completion is scheduled for April 2020.

Iris Stubbs Primary School: Schools Infrastructure Recovery Projects – ISPS – Roof structure completed, roof sheeting installed. Walls rendered.  Windows and doors are installed to classrooms. Ceiling installed to classrooms. Floor tiles are being laid in classrooms. Electrical conduits and boxes are being installed. Walls and ceilings are being primed with paint. Project is at 66% overall. The main classroom block will be completed by November 2019.

Clement Howell High School: School Infrastructure Project Phase 2 – Repairs to CHHS – Admin Block – foundation for extension of toilet poured. Peal and seal to roof completed. Claudette Dean Block – Damaged roofing structure removed and rafters strengthened. Second lift poured to secure rafters. Plywood decking installed. Claudette Clare Block – Same as Claudette Dean block. New roof trusses installed. The project is 6% overall completed.

The administrators, teachers, support staff at the Clement Howell High School and the contractor and his team of workers have taken the necessary precautions to reduce disruption to teaching and learning, minimize risks and ensure the safety of teachers, students and visitors alike.

The capital works being carried out will result in modernization of the infrastructure and aesthetics of each school, providing children with safe learning spaces and laboratories equipped with instructional resources to enable and support learning.

The work to repair and upgrade the Oseta Jolly Primary School and the Mary Robinson Primary School are ongoing:

Oseta Jolly Primary School:  Repairs to roof structure of the two-storey block. Repairs to internal metal partitions to upper floor. Repairs to plywood decking and peal and seal to roof of single storey block. Demolition and repairs to roof structure of the Admin block. Demolition of the condemned 3-classroom block. Installation of formwork for new columns and beam to water cistern to support new 3-classroom block. Poured footing for security hut. Excavate foundation for new toilet block. Project is at 13% overall.

Mary Robinson Primary School:  Demolition of the damaged roof structure and gable walls to water cistern. Construction of new gable walls and roof truss to water cistern completed. The contractor is awaiting the arrival of plywood and peal and seal for the roof of the main school building to arrive on island before commencing to strip the existing roof structure so as not to leave the building exposed to the elements.

The Ministry remains committed to building a resilient and inclusive education system.

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