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TCI: Sitting MPs fail to get popular vote in PNP primaries, unofficial results in

#Providenciales, September 11, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Two elected members of the Progressive National Party could be unseated as the party’s official candidate in 2020, following the results of delegate voting on Tuesday September 10; dubbed “Super Tuesday”.

Porsha Smith, current Member of Parliament for the Bight and George Lightbourne, current Member of Parliament for Grand Turk North did not receive the popular vote in their primaries.  Now the National General Council will have the final say on whether the two incumbents will be backed by the PNP in the Turks and Caicos 2020 General Elections.

In the Bight, Electoral District #6; the race was most contentious.  Four individuals presented themselves as possible candidates, Portia Smith included. 

Unofficially the results were: 

Portia Smith, 23 votes

Bernard Young, 1 vote

Lloyd Stubbs, 19 votes

Jay Stubbs, 32 votes

Jay Stubbs won the popular vote of PNP delegates in the Bight.

For Electoral District #2, Grand Turk North, it was a three-way race.

Otis Morris, 26 votes

Sharon Simons, 20 votes

George Lightbourne, 2 votes

Unofficially, Lightbourne who has won ED#2 at two general elections is least favorite to represent the PNP.  This dip in popularity may be tied to a potential lawsuit by George Lightbourne against the Progressive National Party; he contends the recent leadership election/selection of the PNP was unconstitutional.

There were three other constituencies where there were run-offs, including Blue Hills.

Twenty-six registered PNP voters cast ballots and unofficially, the report is that Randy Howell and Adrian Williams were tied.  Thirteen votes each.

For Electoral District #10, which is Wheeland the race included two men, who offered in the last general election as candidates.  Both were unsuccessful.

Unofficially, the results came in as:

Dameko Dean, 49 votes

James Parker, 17 votes

Finbar Grant, 0 votes

Dameko Dean could once again be the PNP’s general election candidate for Wheeland.

Samuel Been threw his hat in the ring as a former member of parliament for the now renamed, West Road constituency in Grand Turk and may be returning to frontline politics after his victory within the PNP on Super Tuesday.  Been had one challenger, Claudette Gibson.

The unofficial polling results for Electoral District #7, Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill is as follows:

Claudette Gibson, 68 votes

Sammy Been, 111 votes

ED#7 reflected the largest turn out for the PNP registered delegate voters.

In South Caicos, our media house is informed that incumbent, Ruth Blackman is retiring from politics. 

John Malcolm was uncontested for Electoral District #3 where the PNP has an undeniable stronghold. 



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