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BPL Employees Accept Assistance Offer

#Nassau, September 13, 2019 – Bahamas – In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, the category 5 hurricane that devastated North and Central Abaco a week ago, staff members at Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. (BPL) in New Providence immediately ensured that every single BPL Abaco staff member was accounted for, as well as their families. In fact, BPL was among the very first organizations on the ground, and our executives were in the vanguard of those pushing into Marsh Harbour and points north in order to ensure that all of our team members and their families were safe.

On our first flight into Abaco after the storm, BPL executives and team members carried a box of relief supplies for every one of our Abaco team members. BPL spent approximately $50,000 on those relief supplies. Over the next two days, BPL spent approximately $30,000 on charter flights to evacuate the Abaco team.

In the days since the storm, BPL team members in Nassau have worked to support the Abaco team both emotionally and – through such initiatives as the company’s offer of employee assistance – in other ways as well.

The assistance offer includes a cash gift for the approximately 60 employees. In addition to the cash gift, the company agreed to certain salary considerations, time off with pay and concessions on new electricity service. In fact, the line union has confirmed that the Abaco team members are “very happy” with the assistance, which was appreciated by all.

In addition to the company offer of assistance, different clusters of New Providence employees are working to assist the Abaco team members as well, coming together to purchase supplies and help Abaco team members secure accommodations.

Meanwhile, some of our team members are already looking forward to returning to Abaco to jump into the reconstruction efforts.

Release: BPL

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