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TCI: NCS Financial expands service and welcomes Western Union’s Vigo brand

#Providenciales, August 29, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Executives from Western Union Caribbean were last  Friday in the Turks and Caicos to announce a new money transfer service which allows customers of NCS Financial to reach Western Union clients, anywhere.

Vigo, is a 70-year old brand and will add to MoneyGram transfers, interCaribbean airline ticket sales, mobile cell phone top-ups and UNI Transfers which are all a part of the service offerings at NCS.

“Similar to what other big companies do that offer different products or services across different markets, Western Union does the same thing.  We have the premium brand, everybody knows the Western Union brand and Vigo is used in non-exclusive markets, in non-exclusive spaces and that means in a place like NCS, you can find different brands, different options for the customers including the Vigo brand,” said Franklin Gutierrez, Head of Operations for the Caribbean. 

Mr. Gutierrez said it is a way to being closer to where Western Union customers are and the concept complements the business built by Chris and Kayon Stokes. 

Mrs. Kayon Stokes was at the media announcement and said, “We pride ourselves in customer services; that is one of our key differentiation strategies and we do have several other remittance companies here, however, we welcome anyone to use our services.  We have a suite of products that can serve within Turks (and Caicos) and outside.”

You may have already noticed the blue white and yellow logo added to the brand icons at NCS locations around town, Vigo is available in 60 countries, the team informed, with Jamaica being the first and only Caribbean country so far which allows direct bank deposits.

“Only Jamaica has been launched at this time (for direct bank deposits) but we are rapidly expanding.  You can send to the US, the UK, China and persons who are doing business in India or transactions to Turkey; the direct-to-bank services is enabled in quite a number of countries,” said Andre Largie, Caribbean Western Union.

Vigo will mean heighted safety, speed and savings, said Mr. Largie.

“For those customers who have typically sent via wire transfer, you can understand that this is far superior in the service of three factors; one, it’s faster, two the pricing is transparent.  It is ten dollars, one flat fee to send money directly to a bank account no matter the amount of money that you are sending and three it is transparent.  When you send the transaction, only the fee that you pay is the charge that you will have.  There is no fee on the receiver’s side.”

It was also explained that the Western Union locations in Providenciales will continue to operate the premium brand under the GraceKennedy banner. 

“Our Western Union service is still our flagship service. We are represented in Turk and Caicos by GraceKennedy, a Caribbean business luminary; operates in multiple countries and very well-established relationship with Western Union.  They have two locations here and those locations offer fantastic service to our customers.  The Vigo brand is about offering a service option to NCS customers,” said Andre Largie, Western Union Caribbean.

Still, it is clear this new service acquisition by NCS Financial gives the business an even greater edge over its competition in the marketplace.

“Vigo has a very personal touch which is very consistent with what we try to do at NCS.  The need came up for us to expand the options that our customers have. A brand like Vigo that is connected to a powerful global brand within itself is still niche, high quality, high touch and it fit in very well with what we wanted to do and therefore we were very pleased to have the opportunity to not so much have Vigo ourselves, but to allow the people of the Turks and Caicos to have the opportunity to experience this outstanding products,” shared Chris Stokes, Chairman and CEO of NCS Financial Services Group.

Stokes said Vigo is open to everyone and he is confident that the product speaks for itself in terms of its strength and reach.

Since July, Vigo has been available at NCS locations in the TCI.




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