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TCIG Personal Development Fund invests over $850,000 in public sector training

#Providenciales, August 20, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Government has released a set of infomercials and the visual explanations appear to be a hit as there have been over 6,000 views of the videos on Facebook in under one week; the videos have been shared roughly 50 times.

The focus of the Deputy Governor (DG), who is head of the civil service, in the most popular video is on TCIG’s five-year old Personal Development Fund, PDF.  Even more of a focus is the plea for more government employees to tap into the opportunity to upgrade themselves professionally.

“We want to continue to see a culture of promotions from within and we want to civil servants to take advantage of all of the activities that are provided.”

The Deputy Governor says in the 2:35 minute video that, “This fund was launched, particularly to provide Civil Servants with training and development opportunities that they previously did not have.  We continue to have an inhouse training unit, that of course delivers targeted in-house training programs, but the professional development fund is a bit different.”

There are full scholarships to the TCI Community College and the PDF gives grant funding for online and other overseas learning programs. 

To date, the $850,000 spent on the personal development and training of civil servants has benefitted 460 employees of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government, said the DG.

“It has allowed civil servants to have the opportunity to go on attachments to Jamaica, St Kitts, to Cayman and to various other governments.  It has also allowed a certification program such as contract management, leadership and development, you name it… we’ve done it through the professional development fund.”

Applications to access the PDF are available with Heads of Department and the Deputy Governor’s Office, explained the video.



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