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TCI: Modern, interactive teaching methods to energize educational experience for Teachers and Students

#Providenciales, July 24, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The style of teaching in the Turks and Caicos Islands is being overhauled according to the Education Sector Plan 2018-2022 which was published last year and which features a set of eight strategic imperatives to ensure that Education Sector improvements are a benefit to every learner at every level.

Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning is designed to change how teaching is done, encourage greater participation from students and open the door to the integration of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in the teaching and learning process.

The Plan explains, “It is now recognised that traditional approaches to teaching and learning, in which the learners are silent consumers of knowledge controlled by the teacher, supplemented by information in textbooks and then reproduced in tests and examinations are not as effective as learning that places the learner at the centre of the process.

The needs of all learners will be addressed, inclusive of those with special educational needs, the vulnerable and marginalized, so as to tackle inequality, improve achievement and meet the economic and social needs of the TCI. The learner must take an active role in her or his own learning, participating as a co-contributor to the generation and application of knowledge in an interactive set up.”

Child-friendly/effective school initiatives, a child-centred approach to teaching, an ICT in education policy and the implementation of clinical lesson observations in primary and high schools are being activated in support of the Education Sector Plan.  .

Modernised teaching materials; reduction of costs for learning materials, which should be welcomed news for parents; upgrades in laboratories and libraries; integration of ICT into classroom teaching; new computers and software, expert training in Special Needs education techniques and specialized recruitments are in train..

The Education Sector Plan is guiding the Ministry of Education and European Union’s partnership which is also focused on professional development and improved systems within the sector, which in many cases is supported by expert consultants.  

“Improving the Education System in the TCI…..Together we can do it”





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