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TCI: Outstanding Health Expo Day at Richmond Hill Preparatory School

#Providenciales, April 4, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – No doubt the month-end-event was a whole lot of fun for the children of Richmond Hill Preparatory School; a finale to Health and Nutrition month which attracted the full support of parents and teachers for the benefit of life long lessons for their children. 

Mr. Marlon Sinclair, principal at the school said: “March is celebrated as health and nutrition month and we believe that eating healthy, exercise and drinking water will contribute to better health and we decided that the last day of the month, we would culminate activities with a Health Expo Day.” 

The Health Expo was held last Friday, March 29, 2019 and Magnetic Media was among those invited to take a peek.  I asked Mr. Sinclair how he planned to measure the success of the Expo Day.

“We’re going to be interviewing the students; how do you feel, how was the month and how was this day?  The parents are giving their feedback and there is an evaluation session.”

From ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner served in classrooms turned stunningly beautiful restaurants; to a fruit buffet, a fruit juice bar, backyard farm, a watering hole and a gym with active youngsters – the day was the best kind of delicious.

“Grade six had natural juices, Grade Five is where you will find the gym, Grade Four had fruits, Grade three had breakfast menu, Grade Two had dinner, Grade One had water – water is life.  K 1 and 2 had lunch menu and Pre-K had healthy snacks,” explained Principal Sinclair.

All grade levels had a task… and the students were happy to be not just eaters but helpers.  On Friday, Mr. Sinclair explained that preparation was intense and devotion, unmatched.

“The teachers have worked so hard, some have been here late into the night setting up and the parents they came on board, they were tremendous.  We are about to bring things to a close because there is a mental health and stress relieving session with the teachers.”



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