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TCI: Three smoky fires followed by three illegal landings – coincidence?

#Providenciales, March 25, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – On Thursday smoke was reported in the Wheeland district and by Sunday, there was yet another illegal boat landing where some 45 migrants and anything else they were carrying made it to shore.

Residents have long concluded that the smoke and the landings in north west Providenciales are linked and in 2019, it has to be considered much more than a coincidence that the last three boats which made it to shore from January have been preceded by smoky fires.

The blazes are intentionally set and many believe the fires are more than coal kilns or mischief at the dump; residents continue to express that these fires are a signal so that human smuggling operators out of Haiti can more easily find their way to land.  Magnetic Media is informed that officials are looking into the scenario more closely than ever before.

At least two people have been captured from today’s invasion in North West Point, where there was no boat, instead we are informed that it was a drop off of the group of illegals believed to be from nearby, embattled Haiti.



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