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TCI: Political mischief online and social media, PDM Member denies wrong doing

#Providenciales, March 21, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – An allegation of collusion to block beach access in Chalk Sound made social and mobile media rounds on Tuesday.  Deputy Premier Sean Astwood says an effort to be proactive seems to have backfired when for at least one person, messages shared in a WhatsApp Community group ended up generating a mischievous understanding about a problematic issue in Chalk Sound, near Las Brisas.

“It is a shame that persons would screenshot selected portions of the discussion.  If one is going to betray the privacy of a group, they should show the complete discussion showing all participants…”

Screenshots of the conversation between DP Astwood and Las Brisas Restaurant & Neptune Villas owner Rachel Azpiri were reportedly selective and shared from the community chat, where Hon Astwood explained there are about 100 residents including prominent leaders from both political sides.

The screenshots aimed to accuse MP Astwood of agreeing to a plan to block residents from accessing the beach.  But, said, Hon Astwood this is far from being the case.

The Deputy Premier and Member of Parliament said over the weekend, “I visited and witnessed persons crossing the street close to the blind curb and the parking situation on the curve, therefore I recognized the need for regulations to be enforced for the safety of persons utilizing and for protection of those persons operating illegally on the Beach.  This is why I referred the issue to the DECR,” said the DP in a statement posted last night within the chat and shared with Magnetic Media.

The Minister shared an image from the parking problem at Las Brisas/Neptune Villas in Chalk Sound on Sunday March 17, 2019. 

The distributed post looked like this, “RACHEL: Moring we talk about increase traffic, safety issues.  Yet no one touches on the illegal activities that is going on Sapodilla Beach, example selling liquor etc.  HON SEAN ASTWOOD:  GM, I viewed it on Saturday and will be speaking with DECR today about regulating out there.”

Another screen shot said: “RACHEL:  I will be posting a sign today that will show people to park at Las Brisas for Sapodilla Beach followed by no parking signs in designated areas that can be dangerous to cars and pedestrians.  Just give me one day…”

Astwood vowed in his statement to continue serving the district and chided the mischief-maker, “The deviousness speaks to the levels some persons would stoop to further their political agenda.”



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