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RTCIPF Introduces Fingerprinting for Clearance Certificates and New Processing Fee

#Providenciales, March 8, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force have introduced a new fingerprinting policy effective immediately. Persons applying for clearance certificates are now required to have their fingerprints taken for only identification purposes.

Superintendent of Police Mr. Kendal Grant of the National Crime Intelligence Unit said, “This new policy will not be used to assist in crime detection and only used to properly identify applicants. This could also shorten the processing time allowing people to begin new jobs or assume other responsibilities sooner”.

The documents required for a police record will remain. These includes:

·       $10 TCI stamp

·       $10 application fee/receipt (paid into the treasury)

·       Completed application form

·       1 colored copy of legal status 

·       1 Colored copy of passport (BIO PAGE)   

Meanwhile, the public is advised that effective April 1st, 2019 the processing fee for Clearance Certificates will increase to US$40, inclusive of the US$10 TCI Stamp.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. If I was previously fingerprinted, do I need to be fingerprinted again if applying for another Police Record? No, applicants will not be required to give fingerprints for future applications.
  2. Where can I have my fingerprints taken? Fingerprinting of persons will be done at on the islands of South Caicos, Grand Turk, Providenciales and North Caicos at the respective Police Records Office or Police Station in which application is made.
  3. Why do I have to give fingerprints in order to obtain a Police Record? The law (Rehabilitation of Offenders “Amendment” Ordinance) requires that applicants for Police Records be fingerprinted as deemed by the Commissioner of Police.
  4. Are there any additional charges for fingerprints? Not at this time. However effective April 1st2019 applicants will be required to pay a $30 processing fee and a $10 postage stamp.
  • Will my fingerprints be used against me for any crimes? Fingerprints will be used for the purpose of identification.
  • Are children required to give prints? No, persons under the age of 16yrs will not be required to give fingerprints.
  • Are elderly persons required to give fingerprints? Elderly persons that are able to apply for a Police Record in person will be required to submit fingerprints.
  • Are handicapped or disabled persons required to give fingerprints? No, unless they are able to apply in person.
  • If I currently reside in another country, am I still required to give my fingerprints? Yes, persons applying for a Police Record who have previously resided in the Turks and Caicos Islands must provide a certified Police Record and fingerprints from current country of residence.
  • Why are the taking of fingerprints necessary? There have been numerous cases of mistaken identity and individuals with several identities. Fingerprinting of person allows for unequivocal identification of an individual.

Press Release: RTCIPF

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