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Turks and Caicos Collection Staff Awards

#Providenciales, February 7, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The beach deck of Beach House, the turquoise waters of the TCI and that famous tropical trade breeze formed the perfect backdrop for the Turks and Caicos Collection Staff Awards on Tuesday, February 5, 2019.  The ceremony recognized the OUTSTANDING achievements and 10 years of dedication of their staff.  The event re-enforced the important role of the staff to the overall success of the company and the tourism sector generally.

Imperial Laundry Long Service Awardees

n the presence of members of the senior management, CEO of Waterloo Holdings Ltd (WIHL) Mrs. Caroline Van Scheltinga commented that this ceremony is held quarterly as a tradition of appreciation and encouragement to the staff and in recognition of their loyalty and devotion to hard work.  CEO Van Scheltinga told staff that they all do so many things that blow her away every day with the delivery of exceptional service and that with any other team the goals and accomplishments might just not have been possible, but you all make me realize we can do anything together.

Emphasizing team work, Mrs. Caroline Scheltinga said “Teamwork gives us the edge that makes winners out of all of us.  Thank you for everything. Thank you for making each day of work something we can all be proud of.”

Director of Human Resource Wayne Garland echoed the sentiments of the CEO in his remarks stating that our human resources are our assets we’re most proud of.  “Like a circle, the pursuit of excellence has no end.  We salute your unwavering commitment to outstanding performance each day.

Armando Pizzuti, Vice President of Hospitality Services expressed thanks to staff of the Collection and remarked, “The success of our organization is a direct result of your efforts and dedication.  Your commitment to quality and personal and professional integrity is the differentiating factor that sets us apart from our competition.”

A proud VP of Hospitality Services with obvious admiration congratulated the resort teams.  He went on to say “Today, we celebrate you, your individual and collective contributions to our success, and we look forward with great expectancy to many more good years to come.”

TCC staff will be honoured in five categories of awards:

  1. Resort Shining Star
  2. Supervisor of the Quarter
  3. Employee of the Quarter
  4. Heart of Hospitality
  5. Manager of the Quarter

Additionally, nine staff will be honoured for their long service to Turks and Caicos Collection. These staff members have dedicated ten years (or more of committed, loyal and exemplary service to the company which has contributed to the organisation’s overall success.

The long service awardees are:

  • Marie Dorelus 15 years Imperial laundry
  • Zandley Anderson 15 years Imperial laundry
  • Ardene Mullings 14 years Imperial Laundry
  • Ricardo Santos 11 years Imperial Laundry
  • Alejandro Cuadra 11 years Imperial Laundry
  • Hendrika Arthur 10 years WIHL
  • Roselande D’Aout 10 years Alexandra Resort
  • Riguad Donus 10 years Imperial Laundry
  • Yohlean L. Smith 10 years Alexandra Resort



FARAR BOSICAULT -Resort/Hotel Shining Star. You are truly deserving of this award as you are indeed a shining star.!  Congratulations Farar for being a shining star and bringing us joy!

REGINALD FORBES -Supervisor of the Quarter

This supervisor is nominated for outstanding performance in the 3rd quarter because of consistency and dedication to service excellence.  Congratulations Reggie Forbes!


Alexandra Resort Staff

JOSIANNE DUMME-Employee of the Quarter

Always on time, works well with others, always willing to learn new things stay back when ask too and goes the extra mile.  Congratulations Josianne! You’re a Shining Star!


CLERVIL TEODEL – Heart of Hospitality

This individual possesses the best never say NO attitude. You are a Rockstar and we wouldn’t be able to be a successful as we are without you.  Congratulation Clervil “Artist” Teodel.


LILLA WILLIAMS – Manager of the Quarter

Being a veteran in her field, she produces results; instead of giving excuses she provides solutions.  Congratulations Lilla “Lil” Williams.




LUCKSON BLANFORT – Resort/Hotel Shining Star

You are a fantastic employee who always shows up to work on time.  Congratulations Luckson “LUIGI” Blanfort!


NATALIA URBE – Supervisor of the Quarter

You lead with great enthusiasm and good ethical behaviour.  Congratulations Natalia Urbe we are thankful for your dedication and hard work.


DERRICKA DAMES – Employee of the Quarter

A hard-working individual with great determination that will to go above and beyond to ensure that our guests are satisfied.  Congratulations Derricka for becoming a leader and ensuring guests and colleagues are satisfied at all times.


RENANTE PEDOR – Heart of Hospitality

This individual is nominated for their outstanding performance in providing service to guests, pride in their work and performs with little supervision.  Congratulations Renante Pedor! We love you and appreciate you.


  1. LATISHA- Manager of the Quarter




DeWAYNE BOGLE -Resort/Hotel Shining Star

It is not only your colleagues who enjoy and appreciate the service you provide but also the guests who continuously rave about you friendly and professional approach.  Congratulations Dewayne Bogle for your hard work and dedication.


LATOYA HARRIS-Employee of the Quarter

Beach House Staff

You are very dependable, hardworking, fun and loving. With your attitude and work ethics you will go very far in the hospitality industry.  Congratulations Latoya Harris please continue to be the dedicated individual that you are.


REBBY BUKING – Manager of the Quarter

We would like to commend this manager for her outstanding and consistent work at Beach House over the last year. We see an abundance of potential in you and we’re excited about what your future in this industry can become.  Congratulations Rebby Buking!




ALBERTO VOLORIO-Employee of the Quarter

You have been nominated for Employee of the 4th quarter based on your personality and willingness to always work hard without fail.  Congratulations Alberto Vilorio from the entire Beach House team!


MAYRA REYES – Manager of the Quarter

You have worked extremely hard developing and delivering our all-inclusive concept ensuring our concept is up to standard. You demonstrate only the best work ethics and understand what it takes to deliver upscales service.  Congratulations Mayra Reyes for your tremendous contribution!




ANGELINA AUGUSTINE- Resort/Hotel Shining Star

Your “radiant morning smile” is always noted in the TripAdvisor comments made by guest. You perform your role with high efficiency and dependency.  Congratulations Angelina Augustine for always ensuring breakfast is a delight for all our guests!


ROSANYILI GARDINER – Supervisor of the Quarter

In many ways you have exceeded the requirements and expectations for this award. You are hardworking, dependable, honest, talented and a dedicated individual.  Congratulations Rosanyili Gardiner


CHEF PERRY ACOSTA – Heart of Hospitality

Your commitment to total guest satisfaction is always noted by the quality of products produced. Your superiors describe you as a true team player who is always willing to fill in whenever someone is absent. Your calm demeaner, team loyalty and creative skills makes you deserving of this heart of hospitality award.  Congratulations

Blue Haven Staff

Chef Perry Acosta from the entire Blue Haven team!


O’NEIL RILEY– Manager of the Quarter


You possess excellent leadership qualities and is respected by the entire Blue Haven Team. your passion for serving guest is evident by the raving reviews found on trip advisor. One guest describes you as someone who “creates memorable experiences”.  Congratulations O’Neil Riley!




TIFFANY HANDFIELD – Employee of both Quarters

You work excellent and professionally with the team as well as our clients. You handle many tasks and challenges without hesitation and is never afraid to seek assistance and put into practice the new knowledge obtained-an quality which is very critical in our industry.  Congratulations to 3-time employee of the quarter winner Tiffany Handfield!!




CAROLEAN PADUA – Resort/Hotel Shining Star

Dependable, organised, always sincere and very professional. Positive attitude, respectful and doesn’t shy away from new duties. A brilliant career ahead of her in the industry.  Congratulations Carolean!


SHAUN AUSTIN -Supervisor of the Quarter

Your knowledge, skills willingness to help others and your dedication has positively impacted the entire team. You are a true champion with a tireless commitment to serving guests, owners and colleagues.  Congratulations Shaun! Well done!


CARMEN SMITH-Employee of the Quarter

Ambergris Cay Staff

A great leader, caring employee and colleague, warm heart and great sense of honour. A dedicated employee who works hard every single day to ensure guests’ needs are met.  Congratulations Carmen! Thank you!


CLAUDE AGENOR – Heart of Hospitality

Goes beyond what is expected of him, great attendance and always strives to be accurate and detailed.  Congratulations to Claude!


FRANCISCO HODGE– Manager of the Quarter

An incredible work ethic and never misses work! Kind, courteous and a team player.  A walking billboard for Ambergris Cay and the Turks and Caicos Collection. Don’t change Francisco.  Congratulations! Thank you.





With over 50 mentions during January to December 2018 this employee was most deserving of this award. Some of the comments guests made were:

“You always had a smile and understood our jokes.” “You did an amazing job taking care of us, you were the friendliest staff.” “Special shout out to our favourite person, you were fantastic. Your upbeat personality shone and you were always making sure my father in law was taken care of.” “You are super fun and the kids thought it was great when you jumped in the pool fully clothed to help with the volleyball game. Thanks to you we will be back!” “Ask for him, he is the best!”

Let’s hear it for Pejoe Cesaire of the Alexandra Resort the most mentioned employee for 2018.

The winner of this award is selected based on the number of positive mentions received from guests on TripAdvisor.  The winner of the award with receive a certificate, round trip ticket for two (2) to New York and cash prize.


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