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Misick Outraged at Parliamentary Report Calling for Granting Voting Rights to All Britons in TCI

#Providenciales, February 22, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The UK Parliament released the Global Britain report, which, among other things, called for granting voting rights and the right to run for political office to all British citizens living in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The report further called on gay marriage to be legalized in our islands.

The report stated, “Belongership and its equivalents are wrong. While we recognize that the OTs are small communities with unique cultural identities, we do not accept that there is any justification to deny legally-resident British Overseas Territory and UK citizens the right to vote and to hold elected office.”

In response, former Premier Michael Misick noted, “This report is beyond concerning. If you are a Belonger in these Turks & Caicos Islands, it puts our very patrimony at risk. If the recommendations are passed by Parliament, it would fundamentally alter what it means to be a Turks & Caicos Islander.

“We would no longer have any control over our government because the British could simply come here and vote out our representatives and put in their own. Furthermore, they are seeking to force their cultural values on our society with their demands for us to recognize gay marriage. 

“If you are concerned about our ability to have any say over the governance of our islands going forward. If you are concerned about becoming a second class citizen in your own country. If you are worried about your property rights. And, if you are worried about the UK forcing their cultural values upon our people. I urge peaceful protest and support my call for independence.” No fundamental change should be made to our constitutional or the colonial relationship without the express wish of the Turks and Caicos People thought a referendum.



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