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TCI Minister Ralph Higgs reports on Maritime Consultation

#Providenciales, December 24, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – I had the pleasure of meeting with our visiting consultant Maritime specialist Mr. Brent Williamson.  Mr. Williamson, second from left, is currently on island to complete a major work for the Ministry and Maritime Department in particular.

The main objectives of his work is to develop our Maritime Policy and five-year maritime strategy.  These are two key documents that are necessary to determine the future direction and strength of the Maritime sector here in TCI. When completed it will also allow us to reach two critical goals in our preparation for the 2020 International Maritime Organization audit.

As stated by the IMO; It is necessary for flag states to evaluate its performance with respect to the implementation of administrative processes, procedures and resources necessary to meet its obligations as required by international instruments to which it is a party.  In 2020 the International Maritime Organization will review the performance of TCI against the Triple I (III) code that was implemented in 2013 and that sets critical standards to be adopted by member states.

Mr. Williamson began his on island stakeholders meetings on December 12th , he also began a critical review of all related documents including agreements and international obligations TCI is signatory to.

As Minister I am quite excited at the proposed outcome of this consultancy and the impact it is planned to have on our Maritime Sector.


Release: Hon. Ralph Higgs


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