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TCI: Press Release: Oswald Skippings

#Providenciales, November 30, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – A reported three medical emergency evacuations are reported last night from one island (Grand Turk) and that may not be the total for the week thus far including all the Islands.

Why as a country with record breaking revenue reserves which government is not ashamed to boast about, we continue to present ourselves as a mediocre, backward third world country.

It is not necessary for an accountant to confirm that the amount of money spent on medical evacuation charters and return airfares, hospital bills etc far exceed what it would cost to house and pay the necessary doctors to deal with the illness that have become so prevalent in our communities throughout the Turk and Caicos. Are specialists allowed in Cayman and not allowed in the Turks and Caicos?

Where is the financial management at governmental levels, where is the national health management at governmental levels, where is the hospital management, why has InterHealth Canada not been brought to account in spite of all the hot political rhetoric that was spewed out by opposition officials who are now in government?

There has to be accountability and the lack of it is causing our people too much, including their lives. Because of our complacency and duped political addiction to political parties, these parties know that they will be re-elected one time or other, therefore they take the voters for granted and allow the country to go down the drain knowing the voters are not serious about their welfare and wellbeing and that of their country.

I myself am presently hospitalized abroad, but it does not matter. That does not mean that I should relax and relent while my country suffers, because in sickness or in health I have my country at heart. In fact, what is not worth dying for is not worth living for.

The silence on this InterHealth Canada issue is now deafening by the same persons who were then in opposition and are now in government. Their pre 2016 interest and fervor in Parliament and on the campaign trail to deal with this InterHealth Canada issue, have died a quiet death. Why are we being treated this way with such negligence and disrespect thinking that we could be ignored and misrepresented at this level while our country is going to hell in a political basket.

Where are the voices that put pen to paper at the polls? Where are the educated minds that are simply standing by and allowing this masquerade to prevail simply because of party affiliation? Is your party more important than you and your welfare? Is your party more important than that of your children and your country.

We are dying like flies, sick like we are epidemic stricken, abused in jobs, denied employment, denied representation and every other ill and injustice that we can imagine.

What does it take for us to wake up while we still can, we are allowing this degrading of our nation and the lack of governmental performance to become the norm and consequently we are being demoralized, diminished and destroyed as a people.

Politics is ruining our nation, we need to check ourselves and unite in a non partisan manner that embraces the best we have to offer as candidates to represent, deliver and lead us forward, onward and upward. Help us dear God!


Release: Oswald Skippings


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