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TCI: PNP Constitutional Response

#Providenciales, November 7, 2018 – Turks and Caicos






To be clear from the outset, The Progressive National Party did break off our engagement with the Government on talks dealing with Constitutional advancement, but it was for a legitimate reason, which was unambiguously communicated to Premier Cartwright-Robinson . Make no mistake about it, the work on the Constitution thus far, as presented by the Premier, had its genesis in the Progressive National Party. The Premier, in her usual backhanded sort of way had to attest to that fact.

What she clearly and deliberately left out of her verbiage was the fact that we had agreed to have town hall meetings to affirm with the people of this country the new positions and get buy in from them so that when we did get an audience with the UK Government, we would be expressing the clear view of the people at this time.

However, in her usual manner of trying to take credit for other people’s work, the Premier has again jumped the gun in an effort to make herself relevant to the time, even though we all have come to clearly realize that “the Empress has on no clothes”


Royal S. Robinson

Chairman, Progressive National Party

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