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BAHAMAS: Disney gets green light for Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera

#Eleuthera, October 22, 2018 – Bahamas – The results of a national poll and the expressions in several vociferous town meetings are cited as among the reasons the Government of The Bahamas decided to give Disney Cruise Lines the green light for development on Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera.

It is a contentious issue within The Bahamas with environmentalists and pro-Bahamian ownership advocates saying it would be a detrimental move… still on Friday, the Hubert Minnis Administration issued the statement with the result most had expected.

“The National Economic Council considered the matter today, 19 October, and approved the proposal submitted by Disney Cruise Line Island Development Ltd.  Negotiations will now begin on a Heads of Agreement, which will detail the scope of the project, the obligations of the Disney Cruise Lines Island Development Ltd. and the obligations of the Government of The Bahamas.”

hose negotiations explained the media release, will begin right away and it is expected that the development will create 150 new jobs and an array of entrepreneurial opportunities for residents of Eleuthera and Bahamians in general.  The land in the spotlight is a spectacular piece of real estate, privately owned and the agreement is expected to convey 190 acres of that land to the Government of The Bahamas for conservation and a national park.

Disney, with its global entertainment earnings in 2017 reported at over $55 billion is seen as a proven economic partner and good environmental steward by The Bahamas Government.

“The Government notes Disney’s record of environmental stewardship and will ensure that the project is implemented in a manner which safeguards our environment and the interests of the people of The Bahamas. The Government of The Bahamas, having taken into consideration the views of the majority of the people of Central and South Eleuthera is satisfied that it has made the best decision in the interest of the Bahamian people, a sustainable future for the people of Central and South Eleuthera and the economic development of the country.”


Photo Credit: (Lighthouse Point –, (Disney Photo – Disney)



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