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Turks & Caicos – Emancipation Day in TCI

#Providenciales, August 3, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – 180 years of Emancipation was marked in TCI with a stirring event showcasing local talent but more poignantly celebrating the day slaves were made free.

“It’s always wonderful to relive the stories of the slaves, especially Mary Prince who was tied to Grand Turk, to Turks and Caicos.  For us we need to strive to fight whatever injustices we’re facing in our lifetime to improve it so that the next generation has it better, and that’s why I’m sure that the slaves will be happy to know that we have it better because some of them withstood.  And that’s our role, to make it better for the next generations.” Premier, Hon. Sharlene Robinson.

From poetry to the dance… African drums and folklore… every attendee was mesmerized by the stories through the arts.

“Going forward we will continue to teach this in our schools so our young folk, so that they will have an appreciation of where they came from, and especially the younger ones, now days they get a little distracted, but we’re going to make sure that they know exactly what our heritage is all about.” – Hon. Karen Malcolm, Minister of Education

Held at the Cheshire Hall slave plantation… country leaders easily admitted that more must be done to expose the indigenous culture.

“I think we’re at this stage in our development where our visitors want to know more about us, our people are hungry to discover more about us, and whoever is prepared to take that leap, to take that next step to have an organized evening of cultural and heritage entertainment may be surprised at how well that will be supported.” – Hon. Ralph Higgs, Minister of Tourism & Culture



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