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Social media reports may help TCI Police make quick arrest, Provo man is third murder for 2018



#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – August 3, 2018 – A manic scene is described in a voice note being circulated on social media, and it is gut-wrenching to hear how a human life being taken in a shooting spree is recanted by the so called bystander.

The man uses a lot of profanity to describe a chain of events in the voice note, which Magnetic Media received on WhatsApp.  If the report is accurate, it tells a chilling story of how the young victim – Judah Gail – was an unprovoking target and unsuspecting victim of a raw, cold-blooded shooting.   

The man says that he heard three gun shots and believes all of them, fired at close range struck Gail who was seated on a vehicle in the parking lot of the bar. It was confirmed that Judah was left, with multiple gunshot wounds, on the ground in the parking lot.

Images, being shared on social media give an eerie view of the deceased, laying, his body twisted and in a pool of blood; apparently already dead.

A most disturbing cell phone video captured an older man, clearly distraught, rubbing his hands over the body of Judah and calling his name.  Judah, who was pronounced dead at the scene never responds.  The older man is in shock, it appears, and there are members of the Royal Turks and Caicos Police present. 

The video clearly shows crime scene tape is up to keep onlookers at bay, but the filming continues – we can see the blood and the face of the victim.  We can also see another face, the person capturing the aftermath of the shooting tragedy, who turns the camera toward himself and says into the camera:  “Nigga get iced.”

Police are aware of the variety of videos in circulation, reportedly even footage of the actual shooting.

About Judah Gail, we learn from some that the young man was a prolific offender; incarcerated for convictions linked to illicit drugs and stealing.

The voice note identifies the alleged shooter by nickname.  Meanwhile, a Police report  from 7:27 a.m. on Friday is asking for public help in the case.

The Five Dollar Bar is where the fatal shooting unraveled shortly after 1 a.m. today.  The hang-out, adjoining Lamont’s Barbeque take-away restaurant is described as a popular spot for locals.

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Her Excellency the Governor is pleased to announce that following an expressions of interest process, and in accordance with Section 5 of the Financial Services Commission Ordinance  2007, Mr Dimaggio Rigby, Mr Geoff Scott and Mr Dennis Swann, have been appointed to  serve as Commissioners on the Financial Services Commission Board of directors.  

Mr Rigby brings specialist experience in cyber, media, and technology risks. He is currently  employed in the City of London as a Cyber Insurance Market Consultant. 

Mr Scott is a financial services professional with over 30 years’ successful track record in  banking. He currently leads the Bermuda Bankers Association and was, until August 2022,  the Chief Executive Officer of the Insurance Cooperation of Barbados Limited (ICBL). 

Mr Swann is a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers. He has expertise in Human  Resources and worked for the Bank of Nova Scotia for 12 years. He has previously worked  within the TCI FSC. 

Commenting on the appointments, the Governor said: 

“Following consultation with the Hon. Premier (in his capacity as the Minister of Finance)  and the Hon. Leader of the Opposition, I have appointed Mr Dennis Swann, Mr Dimaggio  Rigby and Mr Geoff Scott respectively, to serve as Commissioners (non-executive  directors) on the Board of the Turks and Caicos Islands Financial Services Commission  (FSC). I am confident that the combined experience of these three new Commissioners  will help ensure the FSC delivers our vision for a technologically advanced financial  services sector that is competitive and supports growth, is well regulated while agile and  internationally respected.  

I would like to thank Mr Keno Forbes for his previous service as a Commissioner.”

The appointments are for a three-year period, beginning in April 2024. Further details on the  work of the Financial Services Commission can be found at TCIFSC.

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Wednesday, April 17th 2024 – On Monday the 15th April at 11 am, the Turks and Caicos AIDS  Awareness Foundation (TCAAF) unveiled their new brand to their supporters, members, the  media, government departments and partnering NGO’s. The TCAAF, which is now the Turks and  Caicos Health and Wellness Foundation (TCHWF) welcomed everyone to their new office which  is oblique to the Edward Gartland Youth Centre, Downtown, Providenciales.  

The TCHWF was founded in 2003 and is a registered non-profit organization in the TCI and a  registered 501 (c) non-profit in the United States as well. TCHWF will focus on addressing broader  health and social issues driven by the intersectionality of health and social factors, and disparities  in services in the TCI. 

At the ceremony, Dr. Dawn O’Sullivan, who provides medical care to persons living with HIV  (PLHIV) through the Foundation and will continue to be the doctor on staff for TCHWF, gave the  audience an insight on how the Foundation began. Dr. O’ Sullivan praised the board members,  staff and volunteers for the success of the Foundation, which includes building the Edward  Gartland Youth Centre. She explained that the rebranding was necessary since HIV is a chronic  disease where you can take medication and live a long and healthy life, but support is needed for  all persons living with chronic diseases and for the population that feels excluded or stigmatized.  

TCHWF will provide holistic care to these populations. The new TCHWF office is comprised of  a doctor’s office where patients can have consultations and be treated, and other comfortable  spaces where persons can relax and unwind.

Nurse Nora Tyndall briefed the attendees on the services that the Foundation currently offers, such  as the donation of a CD4 machine to the government so that patients can know their CD4 count  before seeing the doctor. Other services being offered are free medical consultations, improved  access to treatment and care, convenient access to medications, food cards, grocery distribution  and the provision of formulas to infected mothers who give birth and cannot breastfeed. Nurse  Tyndall highlighted that there is an increase in the number of pregnant women living with HIV in  the TCI. 

The new mandate of TCHWF is “Linking Lives, Transforming Communities”, the Foundation’s  mission is to expand its services to connect HIV and non-HIV persons to entities and experts that  can address varying needs. 

The Executive Director of TCHWF, Anansa Jervis, highlighted the Foundation’s “aim to promote  access to quality health services, information and education in the Turks and Caicos Islands.” Mrs.  Jervis further explained that this would mean the need to “integrate HIV services and non-HIV  services by increasing access to holistic and comprehensive health services needed for PLHIV and  persons not living with HIV.” In this regard, the TCHWF intends to provide linkage to: 

The cultivation of youth empowerment and the development of life skills

Health, hygiene, education and wellness strategies tailored to the needs of young women

Care and support services for survivors of domestic violence 

Mental health, psychosocial services and recovery support services for persons with substance use disorders. 

Equitable access to HIV care and support services, addressing disparities. 

To achieve these linkages, the Foundation has held discussions with various NGO’s and  government organizations to provide the necessary services and support to persons with varying needs.

One of the Board Members of the Foundation, Giovanni Delancy, gave the closing address by  expressing thanks to God, the members, staff, media and volunteers for attending the unveiling  ceremony. He closed with “we will continue to bring awareness and education to those not only  with HIV/AIDS but other STD’s and other diseases. Let us continue to make a difference wherever  we go.”

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Navigating the TCI Airport Conundrum: Seeking Sustainable Solutions



As airport congestion tightens its grip globally, Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) grapple with their own aerial gridlock. When demand surpasses capacity, chaos ensues, leaving planes idling on runways and travelers stranded. Simply diverting or delaying flights won’t cut it; we need innovative solutions.
With a single airstrip on the main island and airport redevelopment a distant dream, our options are limited. Priority must be established: should private jets or commercial flights take precedence? Given tourism’s critical role in the islands, favoring commercial flights seems logical, yet private jets vie for attention.
With that being said, there is one proposal that stands out: Perhaps, North Caicos airport could be designated as a temporary solution for private jets. This would alleviate airspace congestion, with passengers easily ferried to Providenciales and other inhabited cays. In addition, it could open the door for a potential increase in private boat charter opportunities.
Albeit, airspace isn’t our sole concern; we owe stranded travelers relief, especially during summer’s peak season which is upon us.
Procuring tents which the government have proposed, other immediate fixes should be to complete the makeshift walkway on Providenciales airport tarmac. The long-term solutions demand a nuanced approach.
Could demand management, like increasing night flights, alleviate congestion without compromising safety?
Evidence-based intervention is key. A hiccup in US flights can cascade into chaos for TCI. With one airstrip and mounting flights, meeting demand is daunting. Failure to act imperils our status as a Caribbean hotspot and risks plummeting customer satisfaction.
As policymakers mull over solutions, one thing is clear: status quo isn’t an option. TCI’s future as a tourist haven hinges on our ability to navigate this airspace conundrum with innovation and foresight.
Beyond the immediate crisis lies a complex web of challenges. Anticipating the concerns of all stakeholders is crucial. Skeptics may question the feasibility of designating North Caicos airport for private jets. Will ferry services cope with increased demand? What about environmental impact? These are valid concerns that require thorough consideration.
Furthermore, we must address the broader implications of airport congestion. It’s not just about inconvenience; it’s about economic repercussions and environmental sustainability.
Delays will disrupt supply chains, hinder business travel, and deter investment. Moreover, increased air traffic contributes to carbon emissions and noise pollution, threatening our delicate ecosystems and quality of life.
To truly tackle this issue, we need a holistic approach that balances short-term fixes with long-term vision. Night flights may offer temporary relief, but they’re not a panacea. We must explore innovative technologies and operational strategies to optimize airspace usage and enhance efficiency.
Collaboration is key. Engaging with international aviation authorities, industry experts, and local communities can yield fresh perspectives and creative solutions.
Public-private partnerships which the government is currently exploring may unlock funding for infrastructure upgrades and research initiatives. Moreover, transparent communication and stakeholder engagement are essential for building trust and fostering consensus.
Investing in human capital is equally vital. Training air traffic controllers, airport staff, and emergency responders ensures seamless operations and crisis management. Also, education campaigns can raise awareness about responsible travel behavior and environmental stewardship.
Ultimately, the TCI airport dilemma is emblematic of broader challenges facing the aviation industry. It’s a microcosm of globalization, urbanization, and environmental degradation. But it’s also an opportunity for innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development.
By embracing change and thinking beyond the confines of tradition, we can transform this crisis into a catalyst for positive change. Let’s chart a course towards a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable future for TCI and beyond.

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