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The Rewards of Representation

#Providenciales, August 16, 2018 – Turks and Caicos –  Over 3 months ago two of TCI’s Premier athletes lost their athletic scholarships due to their participation in the Commonwealth Games hosted in the Gold Coast, Australia.  As many would know by now this past Monday they were both awarded scholarships to continue their Academic and Atheltic careers, along with a number of other well deserving scholarship awardees.

A couple of observations here:

  1. The arc of history still bends towards justice.  This situation could have gone wrong in so many different ways but in the end the right and just decision was made.


  1. Sometimes its best to get ahead of a story to shape the narrative rather than what we do alot in the TCI which wait and see the outcome than complain.  This time those who spoke and lobbied publicly and privately to influence this outcome, I tip my hat to you.


  1. Having faith still works.  At no point did I get the sense from those closest to the gentlemen they ever lost hope in knowing that they would be sorted out in the end.  The result may have came in a lil late but it came.


So a big thank you to the Scholarship Board for making the recommendations  in the first place.  Also, word of advice to Devante and Kivarno, complete your studies pursue athletics to as great extent as possible and return home to serve your country.


Stay Blessed TCI,

Jamell Robinson


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