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Police to beef up patrols, three gun crimes in Provo over the weekend

#Providenciales, August 22, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – Police say patrolling will be heightened after a weekend marred by gun violence which includes two shootings involving couples in their cars and two people – from those attacks – being struck with bullets.

A 21-year old woman was wounded in a shooting near the Kew Town Kids Park around midnight on Monday.  It is explained in the police report that the car was parked and the second passenger, a 22-year old man was unharmed in the incident.

Sunday morning around 4 a.m. was when a 25-year old man was critically injured in a hail of bullets after his vehicle was fired upon near the Blue Hills roundabout.  A woman, said to be the 25-year old’s girlfriend, was grazed in the spray of gunfire and escaped serious injury.  It was reported to MM that the man shielded the woman with his body.

Police also report the armed robbery of a man in the Grace Bay area in the wee hours of Sunday.  Two gunman robbed the man, around 2 a.m. of his personal belongings… no shots were fired in that crime.

Trevor Botting, acting Police Commissioner said they do not believe the shootings to be linked, called upon the community for information to catch the suspects and confirmed an increase in police activity including following up on leads in the cases.

CCTV is now live in Provo, but there is no word from Police on what role the cameras will play in these investigations.

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