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Favorite Things – Trinidad and Tobago gets ready to celebrate 56 years of Independence

Here is another one of my Favorite Things – August 8, 2018 – Boundless opportunities are being explored and Caribbean inter dependency could be perfectly personified as Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago deepen their trade bonds.  Ruben Ramos who heads the Cuba Chamber of Commerce led a delegation of 27 to T&T in July… of the trip, Ramos said:  “There is a commitment from Cuba to develop that relationship with the Caribbean as part of foreign policy for trade and integration in Caricom, (Caribbean Community).

And this is what it is going to look like in Port of Spain when Trinidad and Tobago celebrates independence Day on August 31st.

Good stuff starts at time Cue 2:19.  This year will mark 56 years of independence for the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago… just a couple of my favorite things.






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