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Avoid ‘skimming’ scam, Bahamas Police give advice and say suspects appear to not be Bahamian

#Nassau, August 20, 2018 – Bahamas – Thieves, in the now increasingly popular and increasingly frightening skimming fraud do not have to be the regular offenders living with the country … they can come from abroad, appear to be guests to the TCI, here for a vacation but truly up to no good.

It could happen here but so far there are no reports, Magnetic Media is told of skimming of RBC client cards in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Nearly 100 residents and customers of RBC Bahamas, last week became victims to a now growing criminal trend where skimming devices are being used to steal money from people’s bank accounts at ATM machines to unsuspecting customers… and worst of the all, the crime can happen without any need for the thief to touch you or your property directly.

In Nassau, Bahamas there were 86 victims and 72,000 dollars reported so far as stolen by an ATM skimming device.  Digital Forensics investigator with the Royal Bahamas Police, Dale Strachan late last week gave media demonstration and explained how the skimming worked in this case.

“Fraudsters have been using one of two types of devices to steal information: a fake overlay device or a deep insert skimming device.  Both are used along with a hidden camera that captures pin numbers.  Stolen information is then used to create duplicate cards with which money from a person’s account can be drained.”

These officers had some simple but smart advice… shake the ATM card slot, if it is loose or becomes detached do not use it, report it to your bank.  And watch out for suspicious characters hanging around the bank.  The suspects in this crime, said Bahamian Police, did not appear to be Bahamians.




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