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BAHAMAS: Pre-Marriage Book Prepares Singles for A Happily Ever After

#Nassau, August 27, 2018 – Bahamas – Who Wouldn’t Want to Avoid the Pitfalls of Bad Marriage?

Author of Before We Say, I Do… Teri M. Bethel has released her second marriage book aimed at helping couples before they tie the knot.  The book, a practical self-help guide is a treasure trove of information for those seeking marital bliss.  Written in her usual cut-to-the-chase, tell-it-like-it-is style, Teri minces no words in helping couples prepare themselves to give their all in marriage.

  1. Aitken, an reviewer, puts it this way: “Before We Say, I Do is a practical, engaging, and user-friendly handbook for not only the “before’s,” but also for the maritally seasoned who are looking to tune up and “turn up” their relationship.  With many transparent and funny examples from her own marriage, the book is seasoned with both real-life stories and clear-cut biblical guidelines…”

Before We Say, I Do… is a vital building block that lays the foundation for Mrs. Bethel’s previous book, My Marriage Matters as it helps singles determine what qualities are best suited for their life-partner.  “The book, however, is not a compatibility test,” states Mrs. Bethel.  “It’s more like a tool that helps people or couples to seriously consider the responsibilities and benefits of marriage before committing to this life-long relationship.”

With so many couples experiencing a ‘Jack-in-the-box’ like surprise after the wedding, Before We Say, I Do… encourages readers to be thorough in asking the right questions when considering a life mate.  It also provides practical Bible-based solutions for readers.

In addition to being available in print and paperback on, Before We Say, I Do… is now available in select local stores in Nassau.

Mrs. Bethel is a recent columnist in the Tribune’s Woman Section.  She is also a designer, publisher and the author of twelve books of multiple genres. Both she and her husband Commodore Tellis Bethel serve as marriage and family advisors in a local ministry.  The couple has two adult sons and resides in New Providence.


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