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Bahamas Ministry of Health releases statement regarding Gastrointestinal Illness at Hotel Property

#Nassau, August 13, 2018 – Bahamas – The Ministry of Health wishes to advise the Public that it is monitoring developments at a hotel property in New Providence which has reported a number of guests and staff experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Since notification on 7th August, the Ministry of Health and Department of Environmental Health teams have made multiple visits to the property and can report that recommended prevention and control measures have been or are being implemented by hotel management.  These interventions are consistent with local and international guidelines.

The Ministry can confirm (based on review of records and ongoing reporting) that both staff and visitors have experienced symptoms. Preliminary data and symptomatology are strongly suggestive of a viral illness which is usually self-limited and uncomplicated. Currently, there is no evidence to suggest a link to the recent cluster of conch poisoning cases from the Vibrio Parahaemolyticus bacterium. Many of the cases were seen and treated by the hotel’s health care providers, and all persons who required medical attention at the local hospitals have been treated and released.

As of today, the number of cases has decreased significantly. Guests and staff have been advised on the importance of regular hand hygiene, either with soap and water or with alcohol containing sanitizers.

The Ministry of Health is satisfied that all required precautions and interventions to control the situation are being implemented. We are not aware of any other cluster of cases currently.


Release: Bahamas Ministry of Health

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