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American tourist claims #MeToo after alleged sexual assault in Grand Turk

#Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands – Wednesday August 1, 2018 – An American video blogger and her claims about being sexually assaulted while on a jet ski ride in Grand Turk, has raised considerable alarm among residents and officials; the latter giving a statement about the startling incident.  

Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board Director, Ramon Andrews said in that statement:  “An investigation has been initiated by the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force. We acknowledge the gravity of the situation and wish to assure our visitors that, while uncommon, any and all reports are taken seriously and are investigated thoroughly.”

Residents shared the near 36-minute long YouTube video over social media with angry comments about the alleged encounter, where the Vlogger who has 34k subscribers claims she was groped in her private area; both she and her friend.  The incident reportedly happened this week and was posted two days ago; so far over 14k people have viewed the post.

The VLOG, entitled: ‘Over 4 hours in Grand Turks Jail #MeToo’ begins as a fun family vacation experience with no indication of trouble for the family. Despite the title of the VLOG, Nikki O was never jailed in Grand Turk.

The family, including two young children, says they spent four hours giving their statements – repeatedly – at the Grand Turk Police Station.  The time spent at the Police station with officers was caught on camera and shared on the Vlog.

Around five minutes into the video the mood shifts dramatically.  The wife and mother of two, alleges that a lifeguard, working for the jet ski operator from whom she rented, sabotaged the watercraft in order to take advantage of both women.  The pair eventually made it back to the beach and reported the alleged incident to the Turks and Caicos Islands Police.

The Vlogger, in her video report, also accused the islands police of viewing her alleged assault archaically, according to the law.  The American also believes the process was unnecessarily long.

Nikki O, who was on board a Carnival Cruise ship said she does not blame the cruise liner and explained that the ship was forced to depart late due to her ordeal.    

The Vlogger has vowed to press charges and informed Police that she would be willing to return to the Turks and Caicos to see the case through.

Tourism Officials added in their statement issued Tuesday that, “The safety and security of our visitors are paramount and we are engaging the relevant stakeholders to enhance industry oversight so that our visitors can enjoy our water-sports activities and other attractions without apprehension.”

Nikki O. is asking subscribers to share the video.

It is said that Royal Turks and Caicos Police will treat the incident as two separate cases.

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