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Ahead of Hurricane season hot zone, FortisTCI gives readiness report

#Providenciales, August 23, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – From already holding its own hurricane drill to having an ongoing hurricane readiness plan and an internal hurricane preparedness committee, FortisTCI reported that it has done what is necessary as we enter the most active part of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.  Chairman of the FortisTCI Preparedness Committee is Alvejes Desir and he talked about what happens to position the country’s lone electricity provider.

“We’re doing an after action review at the end of  every hurricane season to see what worked, what didn’t work, then based on that we update our hurricane manual, our hurricane plans & procedures to reflect that.  To us it’s not something that takes place June 1st, it’s a year long exercise because obviously we provide an essential service.”

Hurricanes Irma and Maria did forced reviews but the system of getting ready for the June to November hurricane season is standard for FortisTCI, Desir said in a one on one with us last week.

“Through DDME, we’re always included in the various committees, providing updates on our state of readiness, we’re involved whenever they call meetings to discuss what is the hurricane or different disasters, we’re involved in that process.  As a critical provider we play our part ensuring that we provide updates and we are well aware of what they’re doing as well.”

Using the Emergency number and social media, FortisTCI can help its customers too… the basic message is that like the power company, every resident has a role and responsibility to be prepared.



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