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BAHAMAS: Ministry of Education Hosts ‘Meet and Greet’ for Public School Scholarship Recipients

#Nassau, June 22, 2018 – Bahamas – The Hon. Frankie Campbell, Minister of Transport and Local Government, called upon Public School Scholarship Recipients to understand that it’s not where they begin, but it is where they finish.

“You are all successful, but you’re not yet finished.  You’ve closed one chapter in your lives and as you open another chapter, you open this chapter better off than you began the previous chapters. You open this chapter in your lives with great opportunity; only you will get to decide what the final story is going to be,” said Minister Campbell.

He urged the students to bloom and blossom where they are planted and take advantage of the opportunity they have received.

The Ministry of Education hosted the ‘Meet and Greet’ Public School Scholars Mix and Mingle at the National Art Gallery, on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.  Ministry of Education officials, including Monique Hinsey, scholarship programme administrator; public school scholarship recipients; college representatives from Canada, Ohio and Minnesota, and parents were among those present.  Some of the scholarship recipients gave testimonials.

“You are ambassadors,” said Minister Campbell.  “I should refer to you as excellencies. Why? Because your success will keep the doors of the various institutions open for more Bahamians to follow.

“If you go to these institutions and you act up and act out, persons will say we’re not sure we want more Bahamians.  You have the opportunity to ensure that all of the testimonials at the end of the next chapter are positive, not just for you, but for the institutions which you will attend; and positive for Mrs. Hinsey and the team who will increase these numbers.”

He congratulated the students and challenged them to let everyone know that The Bahamas is where leaders are born.


(BIS Photos/Derek Smith)



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