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BAHAMAS: 103 Correctional Officers Promoted

#Bahamas, May 01, 2018 – Nassau – Commissioner of Corrections, Patrick Wright, held a brief ceremony for 103 correctional officers who were recently promoted.  The group included two Principal Corrections Officers and 101 Corrections Corporals.  The newly promoted officers were presented with their letters of promotion by the Department’s Executive Management Team.

Commissioner Wright encouraged the officers to continue to strive for excellence in the execution of their duties and to remain positive.  “Each of you has completed your duties as a correctional officer, and satisfied the administration that you are ready to train officers under your charge, while preparing for the next level of advancement.  You are now considered to be ‘Acting Sergeants’.

“Today, you stand among some of the most hardworking, committed, loyal and dedicated men and women who are serving this noble organization.  We are proud of all your accomplishments thus far and we admonish you to continue to demonstrate your ability to lead and organize.  More importantly, all of you are part of the organization’s transition from a punitive facility to a correctional service organization.”

In closing, Commissioner Wright, reminded the officers that they been trained in corrections best practices, and are well able to assist the organization with its mandate to reform and rehabilitate.

“To date, all of you have done an excellent job with our primary duties, which is to maintain security while reforming and rehabilitating inmates for re-entry into society, which resulted in zero escapes.”

Newly promoted officers were mandated to continue serve the organization and the people of The Bahamas with honesty, dignity and integrity, and to wear their uniforms proudly.  Promotions took effect April 1, 2017.


Release: BIS

Photo Caption: Front row, left to right are members of the Executive Management Team:  Financial Officer Alkin Delancy; Director of Human Resource, Shonice Deveaux; Director of Education, Andrea Sweeting; Director of Medical Services, Dr. Hastings Johnson; Corrections Chaplain, Rev. Leonard Clarke; Deputy Commissioner of Corrections, Mrs. Bernardette Thompson- Murray; Commissioner of Corrections, Patrick P. Wright; Deputy Commissioner of Corrections, Doan Cleare; Assistant Commissioner of Corrections, Andrew Rolle; Mr. Milton Hanna and Mr. Charles Murphy; Director of Female Housing Unit, Chief Corrections Officer Ivy Maycock; and Staff Officer, Principal Corrections Officer Stephanie Pratt.

(Photo/Dept. of Corrections)


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