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Watching All Day, All Night

Right here in Providenciales, there is a video surveillance network which is so state of the art it is being called the best of the Caribbean.  So sophisticated that it is supported by only the finest in information technology specialists and support services.  So amazing that our trained professionals cannot, will not take their eyes off of it.  So far reaching that we are watching daytime and night time activity far and wide and with the utmost confidentiality.  It is the video surveillance hub of Spence Security & Investigative Services.  Back-up power so that we never lose sight of our clients…   alarm monitoring, allowing the system to speak to us, loud and clear…  impeccable reputation to notice the trends and to work with law enforcement for rapid responses and proactive measures.  Video Surveillance at Spence Security, Turks and Caicos Islands.  When you want security.  You want Spence.  946-4730.  Caribbean Place, Provo.

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