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Climate Change, Youth Employment and Prince Charles as successor – major talks among Commonwealth country leaders says Bahamas PM

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#London, England, Thursday April 26, 2018 – It was a vital focus on the environment for leaders of Commonwealth Nations which convened in London for high level talks last week.  Bahamas PM, Dr Hubert Minnis said the central theme of the caucus was timely given the radical and rampant destruction being wrought by hurricanes and other natural forces.  

“We are very concerned with climate change, the increase in velocity and destruction of the hurricanes. We are concerned about preservation of the oceans and minimizing plastics and other contents of that nation entering our waters, and moving forward with banning plastics eventually.”

It was the first CHOGM for Dr. Hubert Minnis and a critical meeting where leaders also determined that they would give Queen Elizabeth II an early birthday present last weekend.  It was decided, and based on her desire to see it done, that Prince Charles would serve as her successor as leader of the Commonwealth.    

“The Monarch is greatly respected throughout the entire world and the Queen, who is the head of the Commonwealth, she had suggested in her speech that Prince Charles be made the head of the Commonwealth.  The Commonwealth listened and the Commonwealth were in complete in agreement that’s a part of the Monarch, and there was no objection.”

The Bahamas Prime Minister also shared that the Commonwealth is also concerned that unemployment rates are soaring among the youth, to help, a forum for suggestions was convened; two young Bahamians helped comprise the panel.  

“When 60% of the population within the Commonwealth are below the age of 30, that is very significant.  In fact there was a conference just on youth themselves and the Bahamas had sent two representatives to that particular conference and I am happy to say that our youth leaders had made recommendations that Commonwealth is considering.”

While The Bahamas is not yet making a significant footprint when it comes to products for trade; services potential remains high, especially for Grand Bahama which is being groomed as a tech hub.

“Now that we are in the digital era, Grand Bahama has all of the infrastructure, well ahead of its time and if the infrastructure is there for us to move into the digital revolution then obviously we can be a hub for technology and we have had numerous discussions, not only within the Commonwealth, but outside of the Commonwealth also…”  

CHOGM, the acronym for Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting wrapped up in London on Friday night.  A day before Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday, and three days before a new prince was added to the British Royal family.


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