BAHAMAS: Ministry of Education Encourages Stakeholder Participation in Vision for Education

#Bahamas, April 26, 2018 – Nassau – Stakeholders representing the government, the University of The Bahamas, the Ministry of Education, students, non-governmental organizations, and civil society assembled, Monday, April 23, 2018 to chart the way forward for education during a conclave led by the Ministry of Education.

In an overview, Marcellus Taylor, Acting Director, said the Ministry of Education is one of the first ministries in The Bahamas to host a planning session, and recognizes that for education to be successful in a sustained way, it cannot be haphazard, but must be planned and intentional.

“Education is a people’s enterprise,” he said.  “If we could meet the needs of a great majority of our stakeholders, and if we could provide services to enrich the lives of all or most of our students so they can become productive citizens of our country, then all the planning exercises including this one would be worth it.”

He invited responses to proposals as the Ministry will consider the suggestions, concern and ideas of all stakeholders.

The conclave, the second of its kind, was held at the British Colonial Hilton, West Bay Street to the theme: ‘Moving from Policy to Implementation’. The goals of the conclave are: to share the government’s vision for education; propose key initiatives for the attainment of the vision for education; sensitize stakeholders to factors that should be considered for successful implementation of key initiatives; invite feedback from stakeholders regarding the government’s vision for education; and continue planning for the implementation of key initiatives.

Donella Bodie, permanent secretary, who served as moderator for the first session, told those in attendance that whether they represented the unions, the youth, civil society or the private sector the belief is that lives can be transformed through education.  She invited their input for the development of education policies and legislation.

The conclave honed in on topics including: Revision of the Education Act, the National Advisory Committee on Industrial and Technical Education and Training and the National Advisory Council for Education.  Panel discussion topics: Internal Operations and Professional Development and Technology and Innovation, Curriculum Reform and Pre-Primary.

The Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education, addressed the conclave.  Presentations were made by:  Dr. Karen St. Cyr, Dr. Leroy Sumner, and Iris Pinder.  Julien Believe, accompanied by E. P. Roberts Primary School Choir, entertained the audience with the song entitled ‘I Believe’.

The first conclave was held in February during which technical officers were informed of the vision for education.  Proposals prepared as a result of that conclave were discussed in Monday’s exercise.

Feedback from participants was requested via survey, oral commentary, and written suggestions.


By: Kathryn Campbell



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