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PLP Natl Chairman race with two official interests, less than 20 days to convention

#Bahamas, October 4, 2017 – Nassau – On Thursday, another contender for the position of PLP Party National Chairman announced his bid as anticipation builds for the three day event from October 22-25 which could bring a radical change to the nation’s oldest political machine.    Glendon Rolle, the Long Island candidate for the Progressive Liberal Party said he wants to be the chairman and he will have to face off with Obie Wilchcombe, the former Tourism Minister and West End/Bimini MP and likely two more as there has been some thought about taking on the role by Wayne Munroe, QC and Damian Gomez also a QC.

Mr. Rolle said he believes the PLP can make things right with the Bahamian public again, adding that a change will see more inclusion of staunch party members and the youth, for example.    Rolle said Bahamians, five months since the polls can now see that the PLP is the best party for the country, knocked down but not knocked out he said.



Photo credit: The Tribune




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