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Bahamian Diaspora to be Mobilized, Says PM Minnis

United States, September 4, 2017 – Atlanta, GA – Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert A. Minnis on Saturday encouraged the international Bahamian Diaspora to “consider new investment opportunities in The Bahamas” in areas ranging from tourism, to aquaculture, to the maritime sector.”   Prime Minister Minnis said the Bahamian Diaspora is a “major talent and investment pool that The Bahamas must tap into.”

The Prime Minister said his administration intends to help create a global network of Bahamians to help boost national development and to create a 21st Century Bahamas.

“I invite my fellow-Bahamians overseas, those of you of Bahamian heritage, and friends of The Bahamas, to consider new investment opportunities in The Bahamas in areas ranging from tourism, to aquaculture, to the maritime sector,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

“The Bahamas has a highly favorable investment regime. We are cutting the red tape and too-often long waiting times for international investment projects to be vetted and approved.

“Like other countries that have successfully done so, my government will cultivate and utilize the energy of the Bahamian Diaspora,” Dr. Minnis said. “Working with our foreign missions, we will create a database of Bahamians overseas who the country may tap into as potential investors and consultants.

“For example, if there is not a domestic Bahamian consultant available in a given area, the priority will be to locate a Bahamian overseas, instead of first using a non-Bahamian consultant.”

Prime Minister Minnis said his Administration is also giving consideration to the establishment of an overseas council of the Bahamian Diaspora, that will utilize social media and a dedicated website to help to produce a database and platform for communication of Bahamians overseas.

The Prime Minister said such a council could also promote investment and job opportunities for Bahamians wishing to return to and/or work in The Bahamas.

“The council may also promote ways that Bahamians overseas can network and help with educational and community-minded projects that will benefit The Bahamas, especially young Bahamians,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

Addressing a cocktail reception for Bahamians living in Atlanta and “friends of the Bahamian Diaspora”, Prime Minister Minnis said the Government of The Bahamas has undertaken a programme of long-term, economic growth in order to reduce unemployment and to move the Bahamian economy to a more sustainable path since coming to office on May 10 (2017).

Prime Minister Minnis told attendees that his administration is also dedicated to stabilizing public finances, reforming government and addressing official corruption.

The programme of reform and transformation, Prime Minister Minnis said, includes new thinking about the role of government “as we create new and innovative partnerships for national development.”

Prime Minister Minnis also invited those in attendance to consider lending their talents and resources in areas such as youth development and community service.

“God has blessed The Bahamas with many gifts. As a people we have always been blessed with an abundance of talent way beyond our relatively small population. This includes the Bahamian Diaspora,” Prime Minister Minnis added.

Story by: Matt Maura (BIS)

Photo credit: Yontalay S. Bowe



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