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Fox Hill to come alive again for Emancipation Day

IMG_0310Bahamas, August 4, 2017 – Nassau – Monday is a public holiday but events to mark Emancipation Day begin from today in Fox Hill and continue over the weekend into August 7.   The Fox Hill Festival Committee announced, “This year will make 183 years that the Fox Hill Village, along with the entire country, celebrates since 1834 the Emancipation of slaves of African descent throughout the British Empire.   The public is invited to share in the rich cultural events that have made Fox Hill famous for hosting this important national celebration.    Bahamians will engage in Junkanoo rush-outs, regatta racing and sailing, commemoration of old traditions, along with a family day on the beach.   There is a full list of events planned for the observance of the holiday.”

The Bains and Grants Town Advancement Association also has a few events including a Thanksgiving Service at Grants Town Wesley Methodist Church at 3pm on Sunday August 6 and a public lecture.   The lecture is set for mid-month and is being held in concert with the University of The Bahamas at the Library Auditorium on Tuesday August 15 at 6pm.




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