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Bahamas MPs get $100,000 for Constituency development

Bahamas, August 9, 2017 – Nassau – Government reminded on Tuesday that a $20m grant took effect since July 1st and it gives all 39 members of parliament $100,000 each to spend within their constituencies on upgrades and maintenance; all they have to do is properly apply for it.   The Constituency Capital Grant is a $3.9m per year investment by Government over the next five years.

In a media statement, it is explained the money will come but not on slack.   “Grants allocated under the Programme must be used for authorized capital development projects (approved by the Minister of Finance) only, and includes any works carried out for the overall or partial development of a constituency; the maintenance of any roads, parks or other public facility within a constituency; the beautification of the environment within a constituency or any other work as the Member of Parliament considers appropriate for the development, educational or cultural endeavors of the constituency…”

The money is not for partisan events or salaries or constituency office expenses as the Grant is not to be confused, said Press Secretary Anthony Newbold, with the Constituency Allowances all Members of Parliament already receive.








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